It all started when Dark The Hedgehog had a strange dream and was teleport from his bed to be in an alternate dimension and world and he is tasked with saving that whole world and dimension from an evil and powerful enemy he has never faced before on his own. He also has a strange sword that he needs to learn to control as well as learn about that connect his journey.

Only time will tell if he can stop this new villain. He will meet others on the way of his journey, but will he accept his task, or abandon it out of his own selfish nature? Who will be his allies and who are his enemies? Will he find out abut his connection to the sword and this strange world?


  • Dark The Hedgehog
  • Princess Ashley of Cramisa
  • The Knight's Guard of Cramisa
  • Past descendants of the Legendary Knights
  • Blirack The Jackal
  • Darkest The Fallen


1.Strange Dream, New World

2.Fateful Encounters Part 1

3.Fateful Encounters Part 2

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