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* [[Gabriela Angel]]
* [[Gabriela Angel]]
* '''Unrevealed'''
* '''Unrevealed'''
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Hi guys! This is my first fanfic on this wiki, and it's designed to introduce some of my characters and build the world of the Skyblade Continuity. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

I opened the door to the apartment and threw my bag in the corner. I knew mum would shout at me for not putting it where I should, but right now, I didn't care. I just wanted to be alone.

"Welcome home!"

I was surprised to find she was home already. My shoulders slumped as mum walked out of the kitchen: a white hedgehog with bright blue eyes and a slender build. If I was dad, I probably would have married her too. But, then again, I never would know what dad thought, would I?

"Hello Natalie!" She said in an exceptionally cheery tone. That changed almost instantly when she actually looked at me.

"What happened here?" She asked, pointing too the black eye i'd received less than an hour before.

"Just walked into something" I replied, trying to step round her. She body blocked me before I could get anywhere.

"I'm your mother, Natalie" she said "I know when you're lying. What's wrong?"

I sighed. I didn't want to tell her, but I didn't see the point of just keeping it bottled up.

"I did it again. I don't know how, but I used my powers"

"What happened?"

"I was halfway between here and the school. Some of the boys were jeering me, calling me a weirdo, saying I wasn't Mobian...and I just turned round and told them to pi..."

"I get the idea. What happened next?"

"They started laughing, saying I was hard, and then one of them walks up to me and punches me in the face. That's how I got the black eye. I looked him in the eye and he just...fell to the fall, screaming. The others were trying to help him and I just walked off". I never looked at mum while I said this. Now, however, I looked her in the eye. "What am I mum? Is this normal? Was Dad like this?"

"I know you're scared" She replied "Everyone's scared. The people who fear powers are as scared as the people with them. I know some people who may be able to help you"

A feeling of hope rose in my chest "You do?"

"Yes. It's the reason I came home from work early. I know someone, a friend of a friend. He's a social worker and he's running something at the local youth centre for people with powers, just so they can come to terms with them. I thought you might be...reassuring for you"

The idea sounded almost laughable."A social worker of all things? How is that supposed to help?"

"He's got powers too!"Mum replied hurriedly "He's just trying to get you to control them, so you have less of a problem with having them! What you have is a gift, Natalie."

"It doesn't feel like one"

"It will" She said "It will. It's tomorrow, by the way. Just after you've come home from school."

I ignored what she said. It didn't really matter when it was. After moving to Westopolis, I didn't have any friends, and I didn't have many back in Iravia anyway. Nobody wanted to talk to me after my powers manifested themselves. It just meant I spend ages doing nothing. There was only one thing I cared about.

"Was dad like this?" I asked "You don't have powers, and I must have got it from somewhere."

"Yes, your dad had them." She said, sounding like she was a world away "Look, i've got to get back to work. I've been working from home the entire day, and I can't stop now"

She walked off, leaving me alone in the corridor.

"I can't stop now"? What kind of excuse was that? Every time I mentioned dad Mum brushed it off. She gave a small insight into who he was, but not much. The most I got until a minute ago was that I had his eyes, and even what I was just told i'd worked out anyway. She seemed to want to forget dad completely. She legally changed her surname to Walker, what it had been before she married dad. My surname is still legally dad's, but Mum looked suspicious every time I use it and so I got used to calling myself Natalie Walker. There was no point on dwelling on that now, though. Tomorrow I was going to meet others like me. And maybe, just maybe, I can feel more normal.


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