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A Brother's Search is a story detailing how Michael Smith came to the Four Worlds and became a warrior. Like Austin's Adventures before it, it is currently being remade, and some aspects are changing as a result(listed below).


Detailed Plot Summary:

Prologue: The Prologue remains the same as in the original, where Silver the Hedgehog arrives in Michael's room via unknown reasons(possibly implying that the Real World is accessible by the Four Worlds), and promising to help him find his brother, but warning him that he might look different.

Main Story: Michael wakes up in what he believes to be Crisis City(Silver's home in the infamous 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog), and works to get used to his new body as a German Shepherd while Silver looks on impassively. The hedgehog then leads the youngster to his mentor, whom Michael recognizes as Mammoth Mogul. Michael is uneasy, but allows Mogul to send him back in time. When he arrives at the time Austin did on Angel Island, Michael ends up falling into the jungle, hitting several branches on the way down. He blacks out when he hits the ground, and when he comes to, his leg hurts, and he thinks he landed badly on it. As he limps along, he encounters Finitevus, who questions him rather closely about his reasons for being on the Island. When Michael insists he's just looking for the Red Fox Pack, Finitevus stops and warns Michael to watch what he says, stating that "some people may not like what you say", before leaving. Almost blind with pain, Michael stumbles onto the Red Fox Pack's territory, and is stopped by a patrol consisting of Woodrow, Tanner, Redpelt the Fox (TLP), and Snowcap. Michael tries to explain himself, and Snowcap convinces her Packmates to take the young dog to their camp because he's injured, to which Tanner complains they don't have healer. Regardless, Michael is taken to the Pack camp, and he is given an empty den to sleep in. Later, Finitevus enters the camp to question the Pack about Michael, who hides with Rush when Tanner reports Legionnaires approaching. Firestorm adamantly lies to Finitevus about Michael, insisting that they did have a "guest", but they left over a moon ago. Finitevus tells the fox leader that he's heard reports of the foxes getting help, but the Pack fox falsely chalks it up to a coincidence. Finitevus warns Firestorm that he'll be keeping a close eye out before leaving. Some time later, Tanner sees a blue-eyed brown-and-black German Shepherd who Michael says is Austin, and the fox leads Michael to Echidnaopolis after getting permission from Firestorm. However, when they arrive at the village, they encounter a group of four Legionnaires that taunt and then pursue them. Tanner tells Michael that they can't lead them to the Pack's camp, for fear of the Legionnaires killing off the rest of the Pack. Tanner then tells Michael to hide, and that he'll lead them away. Michael does so, and Tanner keeps the Legionnaires from chasing after him, though Michael hits his back paw on first a rock then a branch, the latter tripping him, leading to him falling down a slope and hitting his head at the bottom, knocking him out, but not before he sees Finitevus, who sneers at him. Michael then has a dream about the dog Tanner saw traveling with a Frogadier and an Echidna he does not recognize, but becomes giddy when he hears Austin's name. However, when the trio draw farther away from him, Michael panics and tries to chase after them, but they fade away, and Michael stops, heartbroken. When Michael comes to, he overhears Finitevus and Dimitri arguing over his capture, with Dimitri deciding not to be involved in Michael's captivity. After Michael fully wakes up, Finitevus needles him into revealing that he and Austin are brothers, despite Michael's attempts to hide this by lying. Satisfied with Michael's reveal, Finitevus walks out, stating that Michael might be more useful than he thought. Later, Redpelt sneaks in while disguised with a Dark Legion hood. He tells Michael that he and Tanner were tasked with infiltrating the Legion to rescue him, and that they were getting help from Dimitri, who is still displeased about Michael's captivity. Michael has another dream of Austin fading away, and is heartbroken, with Finitevus trying to take advantage of this and win him over, though Michael refuses to believe him. Later, Tanner and Redpelt wake up a sleeping Michael, give him a Dark Legion hood to disguise himself, and they sneak out. After escaping the Legion, Michael tells the Pack he needs to leave, and Firestorm lets him leave. Tanner accompanies him to make sure he gets where he's going, getting directions to Lamarkie Village from Locke, though Tanner leaves as Michael comes across the Village.

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Included Characters

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Changes from the Original

So far, the only aspect that remains the same is the Prologue.

  1. Silver the Hedgehog is seen impassively watching Michael as he gets used to his new body
  2. Michael is more hesitant around Silver's mentor Mammoth Mogul
  3. Michael's arrival in the present is much different, as rather than not remembering anything, it is clearly stated that he was dropped onto Angel Island, hitting several branches on the way down and it is implied he landed badly on his leg before blacking out.
  4. Michael first meets Finitevus before being captured, rather than after
  5. How Michael meets the Red Fox Pack is different
  6. Finitevus visits the Red Fox Pack to interrogate them of Michael's presence with them
  7. The circumstances surrounding Michael's capture are different; Tanner hears of Austin, and when he is told of the fact Austin is Michael's brother, he leads the young dog to Echidnaopolis to try to catch up to him before Locke takes him off the Island.
  8. The sequence of Michael's capture is different, but some aspects remain the same
    • Tanner is still with Michael
    • There are still four Legionnaires that threaten them and capture Michael(this is implied when one Legionnaire complains to Finitevus later)
  9. Michael is chased by Legionnaires that Tanner leads away from him, rather than foolishly tripping over a rock in a clearing. Afterward, Michael hurts his leg on a branch and trips, falling over a slope and hitting his head, which knocks him out.
  10. Michael dreams of Austin drawing away from him, twice, with Finitevus attempting to win him over in the second dream.
  11. Dimitri is shown to be unhappy with Finitevus' decision to hold Michael captive, insisting that the young boy has nothing to do with the doctor's plans(with those plans being his attempts to bring Enerjak back)
  12. Redpelt doesn't immediately rescue Michael when he sneaks up to him while disguised in a Legionnaire robe; it is additionally mentioned that Firestorm tasked him and Tanner with infiltrating the Legion to rescue Michael, and Dimitri is secretly helping them.

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