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AT-62 is a slim artificial life form with a humanoid appearance, and somewhat masculine in looks. He stands at exactly 2 meters tall, and is covered in a shiny, metallic bronze plating. Hidden underneath this bronze plating is AT's basic construct, consisting of metal and wires. His "eyes" are black with electric blue "irises" and are, in actuality, cameras that are able to identify individuals that AT recognizes. Oddly enough, AT's right leg is silver, which defies his otherwise bronze coloring.


AT-62 is talkative, refined, and polite. He speaks in a sophisticated manner and is never crude. However, AT is also quite anxious at times. He can also be stuck up, though he never intends to on purpose.


AT-62 was created in a vast facility by Dr. Adolf Fischer. He, like all other AT units, was intended to be a household assistant and language interpreter/translator. However, AT-62 could only function as the latter. Because of this, Dr. Fischer decided to scrap the robot, along with other malfunctioning units. Yet somehow, AT-62 managed to survive being scrapped, unlike his fellow bots. He fell out of a trash chute and into a garbage bin, where he stayed for several days. Afterwards, a garbage truck loaded him in. He was then taken to a junkyard, where he surely thought he would finally meet his doom. AT stayed at the junkyard for what seemed like an eternity, until one day, a lanky adolescent came to the junkyard, scavenging for spare parts. The boy eventually noticed AT and assumed he didn't work. As the boy reached towards AT for his parts, AT jolted up. This startled the boy, who fell to the ground. AT-62 apologized and introduced himself, telling the boy his story. The boy felt sympathy for the bot, and introduced himself as Nick Derron. Nick then decided to take AT-62 in, seeing that AT had potential and would make a fine companion.


AT is able to communicate in over 9 hundred forms of communication. As such, he usually serves as a language interpreter. He is also able to temporarily project himself as a hologram when necessary, or to project holograms of others.


It is rather hard for AT to move around, as he is stiff. He is also prone to corroding when submerged in water for a very long period of time. He is also vulnerable in fights, as he was not intended for combat use. In hot environments, he can potentially overheat and combust.

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