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This is an article about Festus Mechanis, a character created by Sonsofchaos on 05/23/2013.


Gender: None, though classified as male

Age: Appearance suggests he is eighteen.

Species: Android, appears to be hedgehog


Has none as he is not an organic being.


Since Festus was made into an android, his system had to be limited to where it could be supported by his android body.


As an android, Festus possesses abilities stronger than the average mobian, such as enhanced speed, strength, and stamina. He also contains a built-in weapons system on his left and right arms for either combat of defense, however since his systems were made less advanced he was only able to retain the laser wrist blade, and a shield. He also possesses the capability of flight, as he has built in jets on his feet. Also, since he is an android Festus does not need to feel hungry, tired, and he does not require the need to breath.


Festus looks much like Vulkan, with the exception of his muzzle, and skin tone being a steel grey. Another exception being his blue eyes and black eyewhites. Also, his tail is oddly longer than that of Vulkan's own for some odd reason.

He also wears a black and red jumpsuit, with a red jacket and glowing bands. He also wears a watch designed to allow him to check his systems and programs.


Festus is literally nothing like his organic counterpart Vulkan. Festus is instead someone most people would like to have as a friend. Friendly, kind, and always willing to lend a helping hand, many people can count on Festus to give them aid.

However, as an android Festus is still learning about much of the way of life. He knows about the joys of life, but is still learning about the negative aspects.

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