"Look, I may not like fighting but I have no choice. After all, from what I've heard fighting is a part of who we are, mobian, human, or robot. Either we fight or we die. There's no escaping it."


Gender: None, classified and appears as Male

Species: Android, appears as a hedgehog.



Being robotic in nature, as well as the most advanced of the AKnights, Chromis possesses a physical prowess greater than many of his family.

Like the other knights, Chromis has his own weapon that he prefers to use. In his case, the scythe. Chromis was originally to be programmed with the knowledge of how to do so already, but preferred to learn the natural way as he claimed that "practice makes perfect." So far he has been doing rather well, and hasn't damaged himself for quite some time.


While most would believe it to be Psychokinesis, what Chromis is able to manipulate is not. He instead is able to control metal, though with his own body being made of metal, this power is severely limited to manipulating the metal within his own scythe, allowing him to extend his attack range.


When in his mobian form Chromis appears to have chrome fur, with no markings to be shown, except for the brand on his shoulder signifying his Status as the seventh member of the Andro Knights. His muzzle is tan with no hints of fuzz, this tan coloring can be found in the inside of his ears as well. He also wears looser clothing than most of his family, with the excepton of Gardenia. His clothing consists of a black hoodie, to uphold his role as the mage of the group, a pair of grey pants, and two gauntlets.


Being the youngest of his family, Chromis is one of the most naive, when not in battle. He often loves to explore and learn about a many great deal of things.

However, Chromis' battle personality activates whenever he engages in conflict of any sort. When this surfaces Chromis is most often seen as agressive, destructive, and downright brutal to a foe he is targeted to destroy.

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