This is an article about Titanus the B. Metal 5, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 08/7/2013.


Titanus is the fifth B. Metal robot made and was the Bio-mechanical counterpart to Shadow the Hedgehog.


Robian Appearance

Mobian Appearance

Physical Appearance Titanus has titanium gray fur, which is why he was given his new name.  His irises are a deep green, and clear white sclera. He also has a tan muzzle, with green streaks on his arms, legs, quills, and muzzle. The streaks cover about roughly a third of his arms and legs with the streaks covering the tips of his quills. He also has a 


His gloves, which are red and black, reach halfway across the lower half of the arm, with four lines of green energy running towards the palm where a small circle ends.


Titanus is a friendly robot, except when Bion comes into play. When Bion is involved Titanus acts like a jerk, especially to him. When around Gardenia he will try to flirt with her attempting to win her hand, he and Bion constantly try to fight each other due to this.


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His arms have chaos energy tubes running through them to an outlet on his palm. He can manipulate chaos energy because of this.

Special Abilities

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Titanus' body cannot channel chaos energy as well as Shadow can, and can only use chaos energy in smaller bursts.

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