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This is an article about AK-2 Razir, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 07/15/2013.

Razir is the second manufactured model in the AndroKnights line, built after Bion. However, due to a glitch in his programming, he is quite...twisted. To this end, he has been locked away and deactivated, for both the safety of others and himself. He is locked away alongside AK-6 Weldia.


Gender: None, classifed and appears as Male.

Species: Android, though appears to be a mobian Fox


Physical Appearance

Chopster has yellow fur, green eyes, two ragged tails, and red pants. He also wears blue shoes with black arrows on the back.

Robian Appearance

Physical Appearance- Chopster has a yellow metal hide, with his face-plate being chrome,  and his eyes glowing green. He also has two chainsaws for 'tails' and use them for flight or for combat(with the combat involving him swinging them both like whips and swords)




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