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Bion is the First of the Alloy Knight series, and serves as the leader.


Being the first of the Alloy Knights, Bion is the least advanced, his robotic form actually looking like armor, with the exception being his head, speaking of which, his head has eight razor pointed quills that he sometimes uses as weapons. He has a arm with a foldable shield that expands when he enters combat. This

However when Bion enters his mobian form, he 


Bion being the oldest knows when to keep his other siblings in check. He often keeps them all from causing any havoc and makes sure they stay in check, however he knows how to have fun of his own.


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Due to his lesser form, Bion isn't able to use many of the special abilities the others can so he must rely on  physical combat and his sword and shield.

He is also 


Bion and the B.Metal series are actually built in the order each member of the Main series, with the exception of Tikal, Big, Cream, and Vanilla, was introduced.

Bion and Titanus' twin sibling rivalries are based off of the fact that Sonic and Shadow are constantly mistaken for each other and when it comes to couple pairing relationships, Sonic and Shadow are sometimes shown as rivals for Amy's love.

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