The A-class Submarine is a Hammerforge Industries-built submarine, and one of the few vehicles produced by Hammerforge that has been sold to the Kingdom of Acorn.

A-class Submarine

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Product LineAleph-series Submarines
ModelA-class Submarine
ClassNaval Vessels - Submarine
Technical Information
Weight3,288 tonnes
Maximum Speed
  • 24 knots (surfaced)
  • 17.2 knots (submerged)
  • Mega Coal fuel cells need enriching every sixty days
  • 6 torpedo tubes (forward facing, 30 torpedoes total)
  • 140mm artillery cannon
  • 2x twin laser batteries (optimised for anti-air)
ArmorCol'nesian Steel
Crew94, including crew and stationed soldiers.
Prototype DesignationA-type Submarine
Elite UpgradesAnti-missile/anti-torpedo fire patterns for the anti-air laser batteries
  • Scout
  • Ship hunter
  • Naval artillery
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

Despite Col'nesia's frozen oceans, which are only liquid at the surface for a month or two per year, it was decided by the Col'nesian Army that the oceans must be patrolled. As such, Hammerforge engineers began work on two different proposal ideas - an icebreaker and a long-range submarine, capable of crossing the Frozen Ocean if required, although to do so would push the Mega Coal fuel cells. Of the two designs, the A-class was the clear victor, with its heavier weapons loadout and power as an anti-shipping vehicle, both against surface and submerged transports, the latter much more common on Col'nesia. When working with assault teams, the submarine also could serve as an artillery piece.

In an offering of peace with the Kingdom of Acorn, Hammerforge agreed to a deal where eight of these submarines were sold to the Mobian country after the Shadow Armada incident. As such, the eight units, all of which served with only an alphanumeric designation, saw combat in the Heartless War, crewed by loyal members of the Royal Acorn Navy.


As mentioned, the submarines are powered by a Mega Coal-based fuel system, where crushed Mega Coal is used in a self-sustaining reaction to generate Chaos Energy, which in turn is used to heat water to create steam, then power turbines that push the submarine forward. This system functions near-identically to a standard Hammerforge Industries power generator, with an identical drawback, the requirement of regular enriching for the Mega Coal to generate at its full potential.

The boat is by no means slow, either, with speeds comparable to a tank, roughly around 30kph an hour, although this is measured as knots, with its maximum speed 24 knots on the surface, while underwater it sits at 17.2 knots.

The submarine is no slouch in armament either, packing six torpedo tubes and a total of thirty torpedoes on board, enough firepower to sink a number of ships in quick succession. For fire-support missions against land-based opponents, the A-class submarine has a stored 140mm artillery cannon which is retracted beneath the decks. While the full load of ammunition for this cannon is uncertain, the gun's range is by no means small. Finally, the submarine has two retractable laser batteries, designed to work both above and below water. These batteries are designed to serve as anti-air pieces, and the gunners are capable of blasting most subsonic aircraft out of the air with ease. Faster aircraft, however, can avoid the laser fire of most basic units.

However, elite A-class Submarines gain a specialized automated enhancement to the laser cannons, allowing them to turn into anti-missile/anti-torpedo fire tools, with the same rapid fire rate and vastly superior tracking. As such, rather than individual gunners performing the attacks by a fluke, the automated system has a roughly seventy percent chance of blowing a missile or torpedo up before it strikes the ship. These same targeting protocols are called upon when attacked by supersonic strike units, although the chances of shooting one down is rated at twenty percent, as the guns were not programmed to shoot at such large targets, and requires a slight manual override to read the aircraft as a target.

Finally, as a submarine, while submerged the vessel is essentially cloaked, requiring sensor passes from detector units to locate. However, when detected, it is vulnerable to bombardment from unguided shells and explosives, which do not set off the automated systems (if the vessel possesses them). In addition, group assaults and attacks against the propulsion systems are also effective, as is swamping the automated system with targets.


Stock Production Variants

Custom Ordered Variants

Notable Units

  • RAN A8 - This ship served with distinction during the Heartless Crisis, up until the point where the captain was killed by a Heartless which had boarded through the vessel's snorkel. This resulted in Naomi Mongoose, the sensor officer, to be placed in command, which resulted in her death when she accidentally injured a fellow officer while attacking the Heartless in a flustered assault. The vessel was still active at the final battle, and was involved in bombarding some of the Heartless bases in a fire-support role with its 140mm cannon.
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