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"You really think an alien scum like you could ever match up to me? Hah!"
—A-0793 talking to a member of the Black Arms[Author]
A-0793 is a modified Shadow Android that works as a soldier and spy for the Guardian Units of Nations (abbreviated as G.U.N) He is sworn on defending the Earth and taking down the Black Arms, an alien race, and other evil.


A-0793 is not a cooperative person. He usually goes and does things by himself and excludes others involved. He would somethimes not accept a mission because he would have to work with a group. A-0793 is very arrogant at most times, unless he's fighting a strong opponent. He is very direct and only has meaningful, short coversations with people whom he talks to.


A-0793 was originally created as one of the many Shadow Androids by Dr Ivo Robotnik (with his full name being Android Number 0793) which were created to be robotic clones to Shadow the Hedgehog. However, he was captured by a few G.U.N. agents while accidentially executing a siege a few days early at Westopolis. There, he was reprogramed to no longer follow Eggman's instructions but instead follow instructions from G.U.N and repurposed him to be a mix of a soldier and spy. They redesigned him as well, giving him new armor and clothes. Now, A-0793 patrols areas of danger and fights off evil.


A-0793 has a few, but obvious powers. Shadow Android were made to be exact copies of Shadow the Hedgehog, so A-0793 is very fast. He was also built to be able to Spindash an Super Peel Out, both on the ground and in the air. He was built to have a near limitless supply of ammo for his guns. A modification that G.U.N made was the ability to change his vision to see in the dark easily.

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