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Featured User


A self-described avid music lover and maker with a tendency to make bad jokes, Dubstep has been a member of our SFW community for 7 years now. Most of you may know him for his fan character Ion the Hedgehog while others may br familiar with him from Discord. This was his first time being featured. He described his experience as: "Well. Slightly nerve racking. Other than that, it was fine". Let's see what Dubstep has to saw about himself.

Q1: Describe us your first experience with Sonic and what made you like him?

A: My first experience with sonic was when I played Sonic Adventure 2 battle somewhere and what made me like him was his personality! Not much to say really!

Q2: Seeing that you’re into music, who is you favourite composer and which is your favourite song or musical piece?

A: ) Oh, Hideki Naganuma hands down, as for my favorite music peace! It has to be Get Edgy from Sonic Rush. I guess I just like songs that are heavy on guitars!

Q3: How has the current situation with the virus impacted your life?

A: It hit me pretty hard! the fact that I couldn't go anywhere because of the virus meant i couldn't see my IRL friends or even work for that matter! Glad I am hanging in there!

Q4: What are your plans for this summer?

A: In my honest answer, Not much besides my Birthday! I'll enjoy being around family and I really hope this virus subsides so I can go out again!

Q5: What kind of videogames do you play apart from Sonic? Also, any upcoming titles you are looking forward to?

A:  : Way to many games to count! Need for Speed, Burnout, and recently getting back into Halo, as for Upcoming titles, There is this racing game i am excited for called Trackmania, Not to be confused with it's predecessor!

Q6: What are your hopes and dreams for the upcoming Sonic game for Sonic’s 30th anniversary?

A: This is a hard one, I have so many games I would love to make a return but, I mainly want them to not, and I quote, "Pull another Forces," Knowing how disappointing the game was when It was released.

Q7: What title would you give to define this era that we are living in today and why?

A: The era of Technological Advancements, as for why, It's as simple as the Nintendo Switch is compared to the Gamecube.

Q8: What is your thesis on the global censorship doctors and scientists are facing today from social media?

A: I honestly don't have one. I am aware that it is a problem but, I am just not into stuff that doesn't concern me, my friends, or my family

Q9: What is the greatest virtue one can possess in today’s horrible world we live in?

A: : The fact that they have people who support them, To help them in times of need! No matter how bad things get!

Q10: What is success to you and how do you define someone as successful? What is success?

A: Success is earned, Worked towards. You can't succeed in life if you don't work for it! You could sit around and do nothing but, nothing will get done! Just like right now, when I have to clean my room! haha!
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Interviewer: Juely


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Featured Article

Schnee the Hedgehog

Schnee is a white-furred hedgehog who stands at 3'5 and weighing 78 pounds. She has yellow eyes, but they're slightly mixed in with a tint of orange. Her head-quills are more than eight, and they all point upwards. Her ears are actually lower than her quills. She has back-quills on her, well, back that are sleeked down by her upper shoulders. She has tan skin, and her cheeks are slightly rosy.

The Interview

# Q1: What is your history behind developing this character?
A) Originally, my main cast was just the very few characters I'd created: Mackenzie the Tiger, Kennedy the Chaos Tiger, Alexia the Hedgehog and Terra the Ocelot. I decided that I wanted to stretch out my cast for storytelling, and I went on Sonic/furry dollmaker to randomly give characters designs. Schnee, along with Scarlet the Fox, White the Rabbit, Tina the Bat and Sephtis the Eagle. Time went on, and I decided the goggles she has on in her Mystic Zone design would show that she's a techy person, and her personality just came from there.

As for developing her backstory, both she and her brother White Ainekas the Rabbit had white fur, and I decided it'd be cool to see them as siblings; being the only pair of related characters in the main cast (besides Mac and Kennedy, technically). She originally began as a cop, but then as time went on, she became more chaotic, and I tried to differentiate characters' personalities, as in the beginning Mac and Schnee were far too alike. Mac went on to be more of a jokester, while Schnee was just loud in general. This, along with her backstory, conflicted with her being a "cop," so I decided to just redo her backstory and how she meets the main cast in Mystic Zone.

Schnee's largest development was most likely her involvement in the series' first season, known as Mystic Beginnings. I decided to have a prequel to show how Mac gains his powers, but as there were only four children/teenagers and Schnee felt a lil' bland as a character, I decided to include her. I'm not going to spoil all too much, but I believe that this will give Schnee loads of development.

# Q2: What kind of enemies does she fight? When does she put her weapons into action?

A) I make sure that she fights a variety of enemies: ergokinetic, space hybrids, crime lords, mad scientists, space crime lords... yeah, it's a lot. Schnee's hammerspace allows her to use a whole bunch of weapons, too, so when she's in combat, a lot of the time she'll just use guns, or she might just decide to pull out a rocket launcher out of nowhere. She does use her own tech in fights, however, like her Snowfall Suit, Shield Gauntlet (still need to name that one), Wisp Whacker, and several more life force Energy and Hyper-Go-On powered mechanical items I'm still developing.

# Q3: What kind of abuse did Schnee suffer from her father?

A) Schnee wasn't ever physically abused by her father. Schnee didn't have problems with physical or sexual abuse through her life, but things were still plenty tough for her for the endless verbal abuse she received. It was inescapable; she couldn't go to school or to her own house without being relentlessly mocked and slandered. This is what builds her bond with her brother, White, because he really was the only one in her life who was there for her when she needed it, and she paid him back by giving him mechanical legs after the accident. Ironic that was the ultimatum for Schnee getting kicked out of her house.

# Q4: Why does Schnee have such a bad luck? It should be no coincidence she was detested by her father, was planned for being aborted and was bullied around in school.

A) Sometimes, I feel as if one thing just snowballed into another. Her being a bastard child and the reason for her parents' divorce caused her father to hate her, making her feel small and not get that much social interaction, which caused her getting made fun of at school, which caused her to pursue her own interests in techy things, which caused her to get mocked waaaaaaay more at school, which caused White to comfort her, which caused Schnee to fix his legs, which caused her getting kicked out. It's sad, but at least there was nowhere for her to go but up.

# Q5: Has Schnee confessed her infatuation to Kennedy or does she keep it a secret. Also, has she done anything to imply it to him?

A) In Mystic Zone, Schnee hasn't yet developed her crush on Kennedy; they're just really good friends, despite the fact that they are total opposites. They get to know each other for a few weeks before Depths of Dimensions (which you can read, ask Wikikinetic to send you a link to it) causes Kennedy's space-time disappearance. Though they only got a bit of time together, Schnee feels depressed, as if he'd died. When he returns, this is when Schnee begins to have feeling for him, but she does everything in her power to stop him from noticing. When he's not around, though, and other people ask her about him, she tends to get a bit flustered.

# Q6: “However, Schnee's excitement starting overflowing, and via buying most likely illegal things online, she was even able to give him bullets fuel, and a form of heat manipulation.” Doesn’t that make Schnee some sort of criminal? Q7) Does sh

A) Yeah, lol. That's one of the reasons her father used to justify kicking her out, because she got all sorts of dangerous equipment and implanted it into the one immediate family member he actually loved. At that point, though, Schnee was happy to leave.

# Q7: Does she have albinism or phenylketonuria?

A) I... haven't actually thought about that. Schnee and White both have white fur and yellow eyes, so it's entirely possible that combination in my world's version of "albino." It's worth noting neither of their hair colors have any color, either; Schnee's natural strands of "hair" are white, though she dyes them pink in Mystic Zone and Mystic Fever, and White's hair is black.

# Q8: Who is Master Aorki?

A) Vitos Aorki is a former member of the Solvage Tribe, a clan or ergokinetics and the last to pursue learning energy manipulation. He's Mac, Schnee, Amelia, Jamal, and Buster's teacher

# Q9: What his Schnee’s favourite dish?

A) I'd imagine she loves any food that is usually eaten in large portions. For the most of her childhood, she didn't eat too much because of growing up in poverty.

# Q10: Does she hold a grudge to her parents for treating her in such a manner or has she forgiven them?

A) Oh, she hates them. In her first use of energy manipulation, she uses her rage from her parents to power herself, which proves ineffective due to her relative inexperience to her opponent but still goes to show how much she hates her family. White is quite frankly the only one she gives a damn about, and if she was told her parents died, she wouldn't feel any twinge of sadness at all.
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