1-Up Central is an anime shop owned by Pixel the Horse. It is Erica Sakura's favorite anime shop.


1-Up Central was founded by Pixel the Horse when he was only 11. After 4 years of business, the shop is very successful. The only two employees at the shop are Pixel (the owner and manager) and Palette the Pig.

1-Up Central is one of the most successful and recognized anime/video game shops in Game World and Toon City in general.

Erica Sakura is a regular at 1-Up Central. She visits often to buy game and anime merchandise, find out the latest news in the gaming community, and have conversations with Palette. Sara and Maxine tend to consult Palette for information regarding important cases.

Architechture/Location/Other Details

1-Up Central is a medium-sized, two-story building. There is also a very large back room behind the register. The outside of the building is yellow, and the sign on the roof is white with bright, red letters.

Games are arranged by developer, console, and alphabetical order. The time periods these games come from can range from retro to recent. Discount games are displayed at the register.

The shop is located across the street from Starman Apartments.

The interior has white walls and blue carpeting on the first floor. The second floor has pink walls and black carpeting. The shop will be decked out with gamer-related decorations on special occasions.

Significant Areas

First Floor


When people want to purchase games and anime, they head down to the register. Palette the Pig, who's job is usually to run the register, can provide information and advice for eager otakus. The counter doubles as a display case for discount games and DVDs.

Back Room

The back room is located behind the register. Usually, the only people allowed in the back room are Palette and Pixel. Deliveries are usually received here.

DVD and Game Displays

Around the rest of the room, the video games DVDs are displayed for customers to browse through. There are more on the second floor.

Second Floor

DVD and Game Displays

Game and DVD displays continue on from the first floor. There's more room on the second floor, so more games and DVDs are displayed here.

Console Displays

This is where consoles are kept. Some consoles are hooked up to television sets whenever a video game competition is held.

Miscellaneous Displays

This is where other gaming and anime-related merchandise is kept.

Significant Populations (Customer Types)

Customers from all sorts of populations can be found in the store while it's open. This mostly consists of various humanoids (humans, anthropomorphic animals/creatures, humanoid robots, etc.)

Characters Assiociated



  • 1-Up Central will, occasionally, sell retro games and consoles.
  • 1-Up Central's name derives from the term 1-up, a type of power-up in video games that gives the player an extra life.
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