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ρς-φξς (anglicized as PC-OEC) is a dimension that formerly existed, but is now non-existent. This article should help explain why it no longer exists, as well as various other important events that happened in it and locations that used to be in it.


Note: This history dates years in BM (Before the Move) and AM (After the Move). This section will explain, among other things, why these terms are used.

Normal Origins

ρς-φξς used to be a fairly normal dimension. The events that would cause it to wind up in its current state started in the year 3 BM, in ρς-φξς's dimensional equivalent of Cobalt Village. One of the Cobalt Villagers, a panther by the name of Rinnahssiah, wanted to take over both Cobalt Village and its neighboring village, the dimensional equivalent of Anthracite Village. Despite Rinnahssiah having limited electrokinesis and mind-control powers, these were not enough to allow her to take over the two villages, so she left Cobalt Village to search the surrounding world for a source of enough power to take over the Cobalt and Anthracite Villages.

Near the end of the year 2 BM, Rinnahssiah found a source of such power in a city called Platinum City. There, a team of scientists, led by an orange-headed thrush named Ryon Check, were performing a covert experiment to allow people to enhance their powers by consuming a substance called Imbue-22. Rinnahssiah, realizing that this could give her the power that she desired, offered to serve as a test subject for Imbue-22. Despite the high odds of the experiment failing and killing Rinnahssiah, the experiment succeeded, enhancing Rinnahssiah's electrokinesis and mind-control powers. Armed with these new powers, she stole the rest of the Imbue-22 and returned with it to Cobalt Village.

Rinnahssiah's Domination

Once Rinnahssiah returned to Cobalt Village (in the year 1 BM), she used some more of the Imbue-22 to enhance her powers to the point where she could mind-control someone upon touch and keep control over large numbers of people at once. She then used this power to control the majority of the Cobalt Villagers and a minority of the Anthracite Villagers, essentially placing her in charge of Cobalt Village.

At this point, Rinnahssiah should have been happy. However, the Imbue-22 had had a few unintended side-effects, including making Rinnahssiah more power-hungry and somewhat less sane. As a result of this, Rinnahssiah decided that just taking over the two villages wouldn't be enough; to satisfy her new lust for power, she needed to take over Platinum City as well. With her new mind-controlled army in tow (and being followed by some villagers who realized that she was out-of-control and needed to be stopped), she went to Platinum City.

Arriving at Platinum City, Rinnahssiah used more of the Imbue-22 to try to control some of the inhabitants. She didn't manage to increase the size of her army by much, since the villagers were able to quickly inform the city's inhabitants that it was important for them to stay away from Rinnahssiah. However, her usage of more Imbue-22 had further decreased her sanity; this, combined with her frustration at not being able to control the city's inhabitants as easily as she had controlled the villagers, led her to consume the rest of the Imbue-22 in one ill-advised move, driving her completely insane and making her super-powerful. As a result, Rinnahssiah decided that controlling the world or any part of it was no longer enough; rather, she wanted to destroy it, which she immediately began doing, starting by destroying random plains near Platinum City (the area that she happened to be in when she consumed the rest of the Imbue-22).

At this point, the non-mind-controlled villagers and inhabitants of Platinum City realized that Rinnahssiah, left unchecked, would slowly destroy the entire dimension, as her power continued to increase drastically as the Imbue-22 was processed into her system. Therefore, the most powerful magic-users who could create shields banded together to protect Platinum City and Anthracite Village, the two places that were most important to them (and which, combined, were just enough for the shield-creators to manage). However, Rinnahssiah, angered that someone would try to counteract her world-destruction in such an obvious fashion, shot a powerful blast of electricity at the shields, trying to tear them down and destroy the areas inside of them. The shield-creators resisted, and the resulting magic strain on the universe blasted Platinum City and Anthracite Village into a new dimension, which would be known as ςρ-χξε. The year that this occurred would be known as 0 AM, since the dimensional move marked a significant change for the inhabitants of both dimensions.

Massive Repercussions

While the inhabitants of the new dimension (ςρ-χξε) would gradually adjust to their new existence, which was tolerable due to various oddities about the dimension (see more at ςρ-χξε), ρς-φξς was not so lucky. Rinnahssiah continued on her rampage, destroying anything in the world that she could reach. This included destroying her mind-controlled army, her home village of Cobalt Village, and even a large chunk of Okcopolis. Additionally, the universal strain that created the new dimension left an ever-expanding void in its wake in the old dimension. As a result, ρς-φξς shrank rapidly. Fortunately, various outside forces helped most of the inhabitants to evacuate the dimension into other dimensions, though a small percentage of the inhabitants fell victim to the disasters of this dimension.

At around the year 15 AM, Rinnahssiah's path of destruction had finally led her in a circle to the expanding void. Rinnahssiah tried to escape the void, but it moved too fast for her to escape it, ultimately catching up to her and engulfing her. Due to her incredible power and her attempts to resist her complete destruction, she was not annihilated; instead, she was exploded into five copies of herself, which were tossed into various dimensions mostly unharmed (although their personalities, sometimes memories, and often physical details were changed greatly as a result of this explosion). Rinnahssiah's explosion also did more than just explode her into five copies; it also made the already somewhat-unstable dimension finally implode, leaving ςρ-χξε as the only sizable remnant of ρς-φξς's existence.


Note: Please ask me, Wikikinetic, before having any of your characters have lived in this dimension, as having any character have lived here at any point could potentially disrupt the dimension's history. Also note that the dimension has been destroyed, so you can't really have any of your characters live there now.


ρς-φξς's dimensional variant of να-τιδ's Westopolis. Okcopolis's main difference from Westopolis was that, in Okcopolis, the primary language was Esperanto, as opposed to Westopolis's primary language of English.

Notable Former Residents

  • Elacion Ashton: A popular singer and frontwoman of a heavy metal band, Severa Sono. She moved to να-τιδ's Westopolis with the rest of her family in 0 AM.
  • James Ashton: Elacion's husband, originally from να-τιδ's Westopolis. He moved with the rest of his family in 0 AM.
  • Sinjoro Ĉeno: A metallokinetic controller of many metal humanoids who earn money for him, sometimes illegally. Elacion's older brother. He moved with Elacion's family in 0 AM.
  • Vereco Ashton: Elacion and James's daughter, and Taglumo's older sister. She moved with her family to Westopolis in 0 AM.
  • Taglumo Ashton: Elacion and James's son, and Vereco's younger brother. He was moved with his family to Westopolis in 0 AM.
  • Malhela the Cat: A cheerful but shy crystallokinetic. Abducted in 0 AM and moved to να-τιδ by 15 AM.

Cobalt Village

If you're looking for να-τιδ's version of this location, see Cobalt Village.

Rinnahssiah's home village and the neighboring village of Anthracite Village. It was very close to a mine including lots of cobalt, which Rinnahssiah infected with mind-controlling powers as part of her attempt to take over Cobalt Village and Anthracite Village, bringing most of its villagers under her control. Cobalt Village was ultimately destroyed in 0 AM when Rinnahssiah decided to destroy the world.

Notable Former Residents

  • Rinnahssiah-0 (known here simply as Rinnahssiah): A power-hungry and, later, insane panther who directly caused ρς-φξς's destruction and indirectly caused ςρ-χξε's creation.

Anthracite Village

If you're looking for να-τιδ's version of this location, see Anthracite Village.

The neighboring village of Cobalt Village. A few of its villagers were infected by Rinnahssiah's mind-controlling cobalt, but the rest tried to stop her from taking over the world. Anthracite Village was ultimately moved to ςρ-χξε in 0 AM, where its history continued as Anthracite Town.

Notable Former Residents

  • Męka Niki (known while in this dimension simply as Niki): A polar bear who was unimportant while in this dimension, but would later gain powerful artificial parts and a cynical demeanor (in ςρ-χξε).

Platinum City

If you're looking for να-τιδ's version of this location, see Platinum City.

A technologically advanced city, and the location where the covert Imbue-22 experiment took place. Its inhabitants rallied against Rinnahssiah when she tried to take over the world, causing her to become super-powerful and try to destroy the world. Platinum City was ultimately moved to ςρ-χξε in 0 AM, where its history continued as Copper City.

Notable Former Residents

  • Ryon Check: The head scientist of the covert Imbue-22 project, who would later feel immense guilt over causing Rinnahssiah-0's incredible power and insanity (and, resultantly, ρς-φξς's destruction).

Fun Facts

  • The first part of this dimension's name, ρς, is made by simply switching the order of the first two letters of ςρ-χξε's name. The second part, φξς is made by taking the number 665 (which, in the Greek numerical system, is represented by the second part of ςρ-χξε's name, χξε); flipping it, obtaining the number 566; and then inserting that into the Greek numerical system.
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