All members of αlpha Revolt are creations of or are EQuartz αlpha. Most are common, expendable soldiers but quite a few have immense power and capabilities. (links will be made as these ideas are fleshed out more and proper designs are given)

  • EQuartz αlpha (Hivemind)
  • αlpha βeta (sentient unit, resembles a massive humanoid with an infinitely-reloading rocket-launcher on one arm, can extend other arm, can fire a Decompose Ray from it's eye.)
  • αlpha γamma (sentient unit, resembling a large cylindrical machine with eight legs and two sets of two massive handlike antennae that can unleash a paralyzing gas. Also threads cloth that forms Ωmegas within the space between it's legs via a series of hooks and cloth that it fabricates from αlpha's liquid.)
  • αlpha DeltΔ (sentient units, there being three. Always together, and by spinning around can create a powerful storm that also generates a deadly electric-attack that can vaporize solid concrete)
  • αlpha εpsilon (sentient unit resembling a small humanoid chameleon, can transform into any being it has fully scanned. Can also use tail to inject toxins)
  • αlpha ζeta (sentient unit, resembling a massive flying pyramid that can abduct hundreds of smaller beings in a flash and convert them to αlpha units)
  • αlpha ηta (sentient unit, resembling a massive humanoid skeleton with a huge amount of fluid coating it, allowing it to change form by altering the concentration of liquid on it and can assimilate other mass into it if running low)
  • αlpha Thθta (sentient unit, resembling an unimaginably long rose-stem with a massive rose-head for a mouth. Also possesses smaller heads for arms and can extend thorns to jab trapped opponents)
  • αlpha ιota (sentient unit, made of a dozen small spheres resembling eyes. Possesses a heavy gravity field that can alter between inwards and outwards, and can redirect any ranged attack it detects.)
  • αlpha κappa (sentient units, there being 8 in total, resembling a Kappa from japanese folklore. Only unit that can survive underwater. Often drags unaware beings underwater and consumes them, keeping them in a pod of αlpha liquid on it's back to power it)
  • αlpha lλmbda (sentient unit, resembles a centaurlike cross with a humanoid top and a bottom-segment resembling a lamb. Possesses electric-absorbing wool and 3 sets of curled horns that can extend any distance and any direction, and can also redirect electric-attacks.)
  • αlpha Mμ (advanced land-unit, resemble muscular humanoids with bull horns that can block bullets without even taking notice)
  • αlpha Nν (Advanced flying-unit, resemble a pair of mechanical wings with a mass of tentacles in the middle. Can connect to other αlpha units to grant flight)
  • αlpha XΞ (advanced subterranian-unit, resemble a mass of floating panels that can cut through solid steel with ease.
  • αlpha OmicrΟn (advanced land-unit, resemble thin robed humanoids that can fuse parts of fallen αlpha units to recreate whichever form has more material)
  • αlpha πi (advanced land-unit, resemble large-headed humanoids that hover slightly above land. Can speak any language, translate any code, and can assimilate technology around them to create new forms. Generally weak without armor.)
  • αlpha ρho (above-average flying-unit, made of absorbed plastic. often appear invisible in bright light)
  • αlpha Sigmσ (above-average flying-unit, resemble fox-faced humanoids with arm-like wings that can create spheres of condensed air)
  • αlpha τau (above-average land-unit with thick armor, resembles mechanical bulls and often stampede in massive packs)
  • αlpha UpsΥlon (above-average land-unit, large-mouthed sphere with two massive hands that it uses to walk)
  • αlpha φhi (basic subterranian unit, resembles large fish with drill faces and shovel fins)
  • αlpha χhi (above-average land-unit, can hop on walls with ease. Styled after multiple hand-to-hand Asian fighting styles)
  • αlpha Psψ (basic flying unit, controls weak telekinesis and can translate any language or style of code. Resemble humanoid flies with their eyes and wings.)
  • αlpha Ωmega (basic unit, made of dissolved remains of consumed beings and absorbed fabric resembling a vague humanoid form, similar ot that of a mummy in red. Can combine with other αlpha units to boost their strength/repair them. Can also change form to adapt to any environment)
  • αlpha infinit∞ (combined form of αlpha + all αlpha creations)
  • αlpha Zer0 (finale)


All of αlpha's units serve only one overall purpose, this being to gain knowledge through experimentation. Unfortunately, their form of experimentation involves brutal violence and will always end in harm of some kind. Every unit serves a purpose, and only in desperate times will any be expended for a little cause. αlpha, however, is the most important unit, and any signs of danger targeted at αlpha becomes the top-priority action for all units to negate.


All lesser units do not possess sentience of any kind. They simply follow orders transmitted to them by αlpha or higher-members. Higher-signed members possess self-awareness and can interact with others like truly sentient beings, but at the same time can be overridden and reset by αlpha if they were to develop too much of an identity.

Base of Operations

All units originate from αlpha. Wherever it goes, wherever it consumes the land with it's liquid, there will be countless amounts of units there to defend and probe the land for experimentation. Units are split into four classes that adapt to specific habitats. These include land-units, subterranian-units (perform better undergound,) flying-units (can fly in the air for extended periods of time,) and sentients, which naturally adapt to whatever location they choose.


In the case that αlpha is reactivated, it will convert all mass around it into it's liquid, to act as a yolk that protects its fragile form while it adapts to the new world. When this happens, it will create units to protect it, all varying in design, abilities, and frequency of creation, using the fluid as a sort of energy source to extend αlpha's reach past it's available boundaries. Hopefully some force will be able to counteract the destructive nature of αlpha and it's army, otherwise society may cease to exist.

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