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This is a page about ςρ-χξε, a dimension created by Wikikinetic

ςρ-χξε (anglicized as CP-XEE) is a very small dimension, encompassing two small landmasses floating in a magical void. ςρ-χξε has five things about it that make it markedly different from most other dimensions. This article should explain more about what is so odd about ςρ-χξε, how it wound up in such a peculiar state, what its history after creation was, and who its various important denizens of are.


This dimension has five bizarre things about it:

  1. It has nothing in it except for the two landmasses, the bridges that connect them, and some artificial platforms attached to the landmasses. The bridges were added to allow travel between the two landmasses, and the artificial platforms were added to make the smaller landmass larger and therefore more useful.
  2. It acts as though it is a planet, having a breathable atmosphere, weather, and gravity.
  3. Its gravity consistently points downwards, not to the center of the dimension (which it would do if the dimension were a planet). Anything that falls too far down will disintegrate into nothingness.
  4. Anything that extends into the void—such as lakes and mines—is regenerated, meaning that, while there is a finite amount of water or metal at a time, more comes into existence regularly. The same applies to air, which is why the breathable atmosphere does not simply disappear.
  5. The dimension is completely devoid of electricity. Also, electrokinetics who enter the dimension will be unable to access their electrokinetic powers while in the dimension. As a result of a complete lack of electricity in the dimension, ςρ-χξε's main source of power is steam power.


Note: This history starts with the year 0 AM and goes from there. AM stands for After the Move, where the Move refers to the creation of this dimension.

ςρ-χξε was created when an insane and incredibly powerful panther named Rinnahssiah shot a powerful electrical explosion at powerful shields surrounding ρς-ϕξς's Platinum City and Anthracite Village (which had actually been created to protect them from her), causing the Platinum City and Anthracite Village to be blasted into a new dimension (i.e. ςρ-χξε). This new dimension, initially just including Platinum City on one landmass and Anthracite Village on the other, settled down shortly after its creation. The inhabitants of ςρ-χξε soon realized that, due to the fact that the dimension had been protected by very powerful shields when it split of from ρς-φξς, Platinum City and Anthracite Village (and actually the entirety of ςρ-χξε) had a breathable atmosphere, rain, and gravity. Furthermore, the void that the landmasses now found themselves in was curiously regenerative, adding more water to the lakes that went out the bottom of the world and adding more metal to the mines, also due to the power of the shields and the reality distortion from the dimensional move. The only negative consequence of the dimensional move for the inhabitants of ςρ-χξε was that there was no electricity in the new dimension, a result of the shields dispelling all electricity in the course of resisting a powerful electrical attack. However, the inhabitants of ςρ-χξε soon adapted to these new changes, using steam power instead of electrical power, expanding upon Anthracite Village (making it become Anthracite Town) by adding metal platforms to Anthracite Village's landmass, building bridges between Anthracite Town and Platinum City, and generally trying to live decently in the new circumstances.

The dimension wasn't without its problems. First of all, some of the inhabitants were unhappy about leaving some of their family members behind in ρς-φξς (largely because some of them were mind-controlled; see this for more details). However, this wouldn't be the last of the dimension's troubles.

In the year 12 AM, a small skirmish broke out between some of the members of Anthracite Town. It was resolved within a week, but not before a small number of the Anthracite Townsfolk were killed, or, in one case, severely wounded. This one case surrounded a 15-year-old polar bear named Niki, who was attacked and nearly killed by a chainsaw-wielding enemy. The incident occurred when the chainsaw, which had a steam-powered battery for extra efficiency, went haywire and flew out of the attacker's hands. It then hit Niki in multiple places, severing both of her arms and legs and causing some damage to her lungs before rebounding, killing its owner, and shooting off into the distance, where it exploded, killing a few Anthracite Townsfolk. Niki was rushed to the medical center in Anthracite Town, where she was given artifiical arms and legs, as well as an artificial breathing apparatus, but the incident reinforced the fact that, without proper caution, huge amounts of unintentional damage could be done. This was largely what led to the end of the battle.

Currently, the dimension is fairly peaceful, but that peace may be shattered imminently...


Please ask me, Wikikinetic, if you want your character to live anywhere in this dimension. If I say yes, you can add your character to the appropriate list below.

Anthracite Town

Formerly ρς-ϕξς's Anthracite Village, this became larger and more modern after it was transported to ςρ-χξε, causing it to change its name from "Anthracite Village" to "Anthracite Town".

Notable Residents

  • Męka Niki: A sarcastic and cynical polar bear with powerful artificial enhancements.
  • AJ the Fox: Męka Niki's polar opposite, a smart, hyperactive, and somewhat immature 13-year-old.

Copper City

Formerly ρς-ϕξς's Platinum City. This city would remain fairly similar to how it was in ρς-ϕξς, except for two changes: It stopped using anything powered by electricity due to the lack of electricity in ςρ-χξε, and its buildings' construction shifted from silvery-looking materials to coppery-looking materials (as the latter are more common in ςρ-χξε than the former), leading to its name change from "Platinum City" to "Copper City".

Notable Residents

  • Ryon Check: The head scientist of the covert Imbue-22 project from ρς-ϕξς. He is constantly wracked by immense guilt over causing Rinnahssiah-0's incredible power and insanity (and, resultantly, ρς-φξς's destruction), and, as such, struggles to fit into ςρ-χξε's society.
  • Nickel Zenjumine: An engineer who constantly feels guilt about his son's death, and is always trying out new ways to bring him back to life. However, he tries keeping most of it bottled up, and instead shows a more confident side.

Fun Facts

  • My conception of this dimension's name includes several references to various sources.
  • The ς at the beginning represents an S (as it is a Sigma). Since it is followed by a ρ (Rho), which looks like a P, the two make SP, which stands for steampunk (which the dimension's general affect resembles).
  • The ς is a final sigma, one that would only get used at the ends of Greek words. Its finality indicates the semi-apocalyptic state of the dimension.
  • The ρ (Rho) refers to the book Skylark DuQuesne, in which there is a massively destructive project entitled "Project Rho", leading back to the massive destruction of ρς-ϕξς.
  • The χξε at the end is Greek for 665, which is a reference to the Book of Revelations, in which the Number of the Beast, 666, is one of the events involved in the apocalypse. The usage of the number 665 indicates that the world hasn't quite been destroyed yet, but it came pretty close (as only this small chunk remains as of 10 AM). Fortunately for this dimension's inhabitants, the parallels to the Book of Revelations end there, as this dimension is functioning fairly smoothly in comparison.