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Æon The Cat.

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March. 3
Same as silver
Fighter,shop owner,time traveler
Link the Sparow(best friend),peace,good,Sonic and Co.,Tails(adopted father)

Æon The Cat(猫イオン)or (Æon to the Future) is Tailsman67 new main character(along with Link) after both Sai and Cold got negative reviews,He still keeps His old characters,he just uses AEon more.


He is a grayish blue Cat, with blue and black hair. He looks a little like Memphlis the Light, but he is a cat, hair is diffrent, he wears a cropped jacket that is jet black, with a Prower power Corporation patch on his upper left sleeve, along with a black tank top and baggy gray pants with blue ends. His muzzle is tan much like Shadow. His muzzle has two blue lines going down around his mouth.


He is not much of a talker, besides always blaming Cold and Sai for his Bad future, he is often level head, cool and collected. Æon never underestimates his enemy and never takes any thing for a joke. He often compare problems that happen in the the past to what happen back in the future.

A human Æon from Unreal

Strengths and Powers

General Info

He is very quick on his feet and very strong. Æon has the power to generate electrical space and time energy. Æon possesses several abilities including superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and energy waves. Which can be utilized by the use of chi or his powers given to him by the time stones. His main means of conveyance is a technique called buku-jutsu (舞空術 Air Dance?) which gives him the ability of flight, by putting a barrier around himself. However, Æon does not rely on this technique as his only conveyance as he can also be seen piloting various crafts manufactured by his friend Tails, who is also his adopted father, including the time machine which allowed him to visit Sonic and Co. in the past, his time machine uses the time stones to work.

Æon can transform Super form, although Æon achieved this in his early teens (like 13), he would ascend after observing the body of the recently deceased Future Tails next to the chaos emerald. Æon would later gain the ability ascend to his Ultra form during his training with Link in the Room of Time and Mind.

In the Future, Æon could achieve his Light and Dark form with ease, a feat that was very difficult for the rest to achieve and maintain. He later achieved Hyper by seeing Silver almost killed by Bad Blood.

Æon is also known for his use of his sword which act much like Nora's Flash Spark, but it is call the Time Flare. It can shoot energy beams and transform into many objects.

Æon has a lot of weaknesses, water is one. He hates water due to a close to death experience when he was 2. Æon has frequent headaches when he remembers the future. Æon is not as fast as Sonic nor Cold.

Items Currently In Possession

Time Stones

He got the Time Stones from Link, they both created a panel for the Time Stone to work on the time machine. Æon still has the time stones with him.

Time Flare

Æon uses a sword which act kinda like Nora's Flash Spark, but it is call the Time Flare. It can shoot energy beams and transform into many objects (Example:Motor Bike, Hover Bored, time machine, Etc).

Flare Flash Board

Created by Tails, Æon can reach great heights with this mode on his Time Flare.


Æon The Cat was a baby when he was found by Future Tails on his doorstep, Tails took care. At the age of 5 Tails teach him everything he knows about fighting, and by the age of 6 Tails taught him all about mechanisms. When he was five he was told that he was the smartest child in his school and Tails then told him about Sonic and his friends, how they always stop him no mater what. At the age of 9 he got his GED, making Tails a proud father.

At Æon's 13th birthday, Tails was murdered trying to protected him, out of seeing his dead body next the chaos emerald, which means Tails tried to defend himself, but died, Æon transformed into his super form. Swearing vengace on Bad Blood he met Link at the age of 14, they created a time machine, and thought of a plan to kill Bad Blood. When he was 15 they both put that plan in action, but failed to kill him, and instead got sent to the past, where they meet Sonic and Co.



The Reason We Fight

He will appear in Tailsman67 future roleplay The Reason We Fight, helping Sonic and Co.


The Chronicle

Æon is the main character in The Chronicle, which is telling about his past. Æon also tells about his secret mission to kill Stein (which is Bad Blood in hiding) and free the people of System. Failing to stop Stein (Bad Blood), he goes into the past after Stein (Bad Blood) goes back in time to his own past.

Other Appearances

Sai Chronicles of Power Beyond Good and Evil=

He is the main character in this game. Helping his enemy Sai take down Bazer.

Relationships with Other Characters

Characters by the same creator


Future Miles"Tails"Prower

Tails (or Future Tails) is Æon adopted father, Tails found Æon after setting up a shop hidden In the city of System, finding Æon in a basket on his doorstep. Tails taught Æon everything he knows about fighting and tech. When Æon reached his 13th birthday Tails was killed by Bad Blood (Stein) because Tails was wanted, and Æon spent the rest of his life without a family member after Tails death.


Link The Sparrow

Æon only friend after Tails death, Link told Æon about his plain to stop Stein (Bad Blood). After getting stuck in the past due to Bad Blood, Æon and Link have become closer, hating Cold and Sai, and wanting revenge on Bad Blood.

Skate the Hedgehog

Æon thinks very little of Skate until he saves Æon from getting crushed by Eggman.


Bad Blood

Æon has a lot of hate for Bad Blood, for killing Tails, and messing with his future. Æon has said many times that he is going to kill him, but always fails. After getting warped back to Bad Blood's time, he lost Bad Blood, and now searches for him.

Cold the Hedgehog

Æon has a lot of hate for Cold, for leaving the city of System to be ruled by Bad Blood, he often picks on Cold no matter how much Cold tries to tell him he is sorry.

Sai the Fox

Like Cold, Æon has a lot of hate for Sai, for leaving the city of System to be ruled by Bad Blood, he often picks on Sai, by say his fight style suck, no matter how much Sai tries to tell him he is sorry.

Other characters


Honey the Cat

Honey is said to be Æon godmother by Tails. Æon and Honey are very good friends, like the Cattastic win they worked together.


Sonic and Co.

Æon has grown to like Sonic and his friends, helping them at every new adventure. Silver saved his life, Shadow treats him with respect, and Sonic treats him like a friend.



Æon thinks Eggman is a fool and a mad man.First time Eggman met Æon,he was trying to take the Master Emerald, and Æon was helped by Knuckles.

Fun Facts

  • People think he is a Marty-su,but he is not,he is as strong as Silver.
  • I'm think of putting him in the Feature article Nomination now or next month.
  • He loves grapefruit
  • His name came from this show called Æon Flux.
  • He is my new main character,replacing Cold.
  • Ever user hate Cold but likes him.
  • His main color scheme is blue.
  • His super forms color is lemon yellow not gold.
  • He is going to be in my new roleplay
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