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Cquote1 Selfish? Yes... I am selfish. But you should also note that every living thing is selfish, don't you think? Taking you as an example. You attempt to wipe out an entire planet of its population just so you can build the fantasy you see in your dreams? The difference between you and I is that I don't need the guilt keeping me awake at night. That I admit I'm selfish. This whole time, I've done this thinking.. perhaps, there is something for me to redeem myself of, thinking maybe I'm right or wrong. In the end, though. It's true. Every living creature is and always will be selfish. You show your true colors as both a hypocrite and a monster. So now, kindly shut up. Cquote2
Kenas fighting kraze

Kenas is a 20 year old mobian hedgehog. He is also the fursona of the user IamKenasXros. He is currently 20 years old having started his life at a place called Misty Forest, basically a very bad place to live in. He was hunted in his childhood for his unique power that a certain someone wanted. This person failed his first attempt to take him and ended up making his life a living hell by burning his house down and killing his mother in the process. Later he succeeded in capturing him and trained him to be the best killing machine that one could possibly imagine. However he failed to make him a killing machine as Kenny learned about his master and escaped him.

He has a inner demon named Negative who he treats like as a close friend. The two have become really close and shares the power with each other for maximum output. The result of negative sharing his power with Kenas is the blades that Kenas possesses known as 'Shi no buredo' and his umbrakinetic ability. His best friends are Ark and his little brother Zero who he met in the earlier chapters of his travels.

Now in his second life he lives on as a happy and lazy hedgehog. His main abilities are pyrokinesis and umbrakinesis. Umbrakinesis is gained from his inner demon. He has extremely trained pyrokinesis and umbrakinesis to its fullest to even be able to access its roots even though he isn't that skilled with them. It is known by many who have battled him at close range that his high special attack, special defence and melee attack is equalled by his weak physical defence which is one of Kenas' main weak points. He is also a very fast person both mentally and physically most people he knows are not able to keep up with him. But this is done justice as he can fall under fatigue easily if he overdoes it. 

He currently takes residence up with the rest of Ark's team somewhere near Station square.


Kenas is a silver and sky blue furred mobian hedgehog. He stands at about 4'7" tall and weighs at around 74 lbs. While most of his physical appearance is not seen it is clear that he has pupiless yellows eyes along with Jasmine colored. One single small fang is visible in his mouth signifying his small vampire part.


Kenas's attire consists of a trenchcoat that reaches up to his knees, A white long-sleeved t-shirt, a Grey trouser and white colored fire-proof sneakers. At times he can be witnesed wearing plated gauntlets colored a bluish silver but normally he doesn't have anything on his hands.


Being Revamped...



Kenas's Name was created when I was thinking about Sonic and Knuckles some years ago it made me think of the name Kenas but I didn't think of it much. Later when I created a character for the first time I used the name Kenas. He has gone through multiple stages of change. At one time he was a chronokinetic, then he was a part of a team of Hedgehogs that drove in a batman car to rescue people (I know it sounds stupid.)


(Thanks to the user TheSkullWolf for making this area readable. Go thank him. NOW )

Childhood ( 1-9 )

Cquote1 I used to think the sole reason I existed was to protect my family, I became very depressed when I realized I failed. But it seems that my mother was only one of the people I had to protect. She was the one that knocked some sense into me by sacrificing herself for me. Cquote2
Kenas, While reflecting on his childhood

When Kenas was just born he was born in an area known as 'Misty Forest'. It is a area well known for it's eternal night curse and all year long fog. his father and mother were banished to this are because of problems with Kenas's grandmothers and grandfather. They earned a small living from the family job of monster hunting. His father did that while his mother took care of him from home. Kenas describes his mother as being "Kind and honest but also very strict and angry at times, She values her belongings very seriously..." 

At the age of 7, Kenas had a general knowledge over language and fighting, His mother taught fighting to him because she feared for his safety knowing that he has a very weak surface and also the fear of him not being able to escape his family name's burden. At this age the other turning point of Kenas's life happened. His father dissappeared. Unknown to both, Kenas and his mother they waited for him eagerly to return from his job, but he never came. Both Kenas and her mother thought he was dead and thus Kenas had to take up the family job with a sword passed down from family known as 'Metal Destruction'.

Kenas's childhood ended after his uncle came and tried to kill both him and his mother, the reason as his uncle explained is "He came and started killing my vampire kin! He said he was doing it for your survival when I stabbed him and let him bleed to his death. Maybe he won't be sad in the other world after I kill you because he doesn't have to worry!". As his uncle said, Kenas's uncle was a leader of a group of vampires and this led to his tantrum.

He succeeded in killing Kenas's mother, but didn't succeed in killing Kenas due to him making a contract with Negative, the Demon Deity that is now his partner. Negative kept his part of the deal by killing Kenas's uncle but he didn't return Kenas's body to him as the contract didn't say anything about the contractor receiving his body back. The Kenas now in possession of Negative started going on a genocide rampage going out of Misty Forest and into villages to kill the residents.

Pre-Teen ( 10-12 )

Cquote1 I betrayed my friends once already, I swear upon my life I will never do it again Cquote2
Kenas, Saying that he will never betray his friends again

Kenas reasoned with Negative and pleaded for him to stop, but negative didn't. Negative's motive was revenge for making him feel unwanted and always hating him, as he was concentrated on killing the Mobians.

In the end Kenas had to use force by engaging in a mind battle with Negative. Kenas won the battle with a narrow margin and made Negative retreat to the deepest area of his mind. He could not escape Kenas's body afterwards due to him being in his body too long and also having Kenas won against Negative in a Mind battle. The reason for Kenas's victory was his strong resolve in this fight since he was physically very weak.

While he wandered around outside of his birthplace he hated so much, He met with would be revealed to be his brother as well as his best friend, Ark and Zero. While Zero trusted Kenas very easily Ark was very unsure of him due to the presence of a demon in his body. The two ended up in a fight after a small time of travelling and it ended with a both of them being exhausted due to Negative once again trying to possess Kenas. The two was then forced to wander together because they were urged to by Zero.

After a few months of travelling another turning point in Kenas's life happened, Kraze appeared and attempted to take Kenas onto his side by promising him the revival of his mother.

Cquote1 I fell for his lies so easily. There is no way that someone who had been ripped to shreds and incinerated could be returned to this world. I was too concentrated on having my mother back for my own selfish reasons! Cquote2
Kenas reflecting upon his selfishness at accepting Kraze's lies so easily

And of course Kenas was fooled very easily, He accepted Kraze's bargain with no second thoughts and attempted to go with him when he was stopped by Ark. Ark thought this was suspicious and tried to take Kenas back, but he easily got beaten down by Kraze and Kenas continued to move on with Kraze.

Kraze knew about Kenas's powers as he was the one that planned out his mother's and father's death using the uncle. He wanted to get the Demon Deity, Negative, and the power of Doombringer into his side so that his objective of wiping out the whole population of Mobius would be easy.

After Kenas was taken to Kraze's base he was given the top rank among Kraze's most elite troops know as the "Destroyers". The Destroyers at that time consisted of robots only and there were 9 before Kenas's arrival after so he easily became the 1st ranked Destroyer and served in Kraze's army.

Kraze's army and spritual world (13-15)

In this period kenas gained most of his abilities and was trained by Kraze for his own use in world destruction. Kenas did not know that this was Kraze's true intention and was determined on reviving his mother, But his loyalty to Kraze started to disperse as he came to realize more of his mission aswell as kraze's mission.

Kenas started to sneak out of kraze's base to gain knowledge about life and other subjects as kraze had banned him from reading and learning due to his fear that the plan of using kenas as a pawn would backfire. Kenas realized that there was no way to revive his mother after reading about life, death and magic in the library.

He was punished into being isloated in a room after kenas questioned kraze. this led to kenas's insanity and him becoming the perfect killing machine that he awlays wanted. This backfired on him as kenas regained a little bit of his sanity and directed himself to kill the 8 destroyers and kraze's army. 

Due to this kraze disposed of kenas personally when he came to kill kraze. He did so by lethaly injuring him and incinerating him in the blue flames that kenas possesses now.

Spiritual world

After his death he went into the place where all souls go for punishment or rewards. The spiritual world, In his time in the spiritual world he grew to understand Negative more which released negative's hate for mobians and became Kenas's friend who lives as another consciousness of Kenas.

The other event that happened here that changed kenas's views on everything was that he met his mother's soul in the spiritual world. They converesed after a very long time and kenas understood that she didn't want to be revived and just wanted him to do what's right and live on his own free will.

Kenas understood all of what his mother wanted and what he had to do and he practiced umbrakinesis with the help of negative and learned blue fire manipulation using the flames of the same fire that killed him.

Using Negative's Demon powers they made a new body for themsevles while recycling certain parts. Both Negative and Kenas' consciousnesses were inserted into this body and they were propelled back into the world of the living where kenas went to find Ark and Zero. 

He found them but Ark and Zero was really angry with them due to betraying them and resulted in a fight occuring between the three where kenas only defended and was hurt. After soem time of staying together again they grew okay and set off to stop Kraze's plan which kenas had explained to them.

Battle against Kraze ( 16 )

The 3 set off to destroy the destroyers (lol) one by one. They released some of them (i.e Lydia, Woodland) and killed some others due to the destroyer's own reasons. They finally wiped out all of Kraze's base until only Kraze and his personal base was remaining . They chased him onto the top of a giganatic cliff and engaged in battle when Kraze had nowhere to run to. 

In-between the fight kraze explained his whole plan and explained how kenas's whole life was set up to play right into kraze's hand as his power was useful for kraze. This made kenas cry and wail and ultimately break in the middle of the battle. He was hell bent on killing kraze no and attined doombringer in which he deafeated kraze with the help of Ark and Zero. 

Kenas was also lethally injured by kraze and kraze finally drove kenas's own sword through his chest he also used his reaming power to seal Ark and Zero and was succesfully, but was killed by Kenas who striked kraze with the same sword and jumped off the cliff while smashing Kraze's head into a rock along the way. Kenas made a hard landing onto the river at the bottom and was assumed dead.

The truth is he managed to get out of the river and rested in a some ruins right next to the river which led to soem of his body decaying , him becoming undead and him falling into his deep slumber.

Next life ( 17 )

Kraze was revived again by one of his assistants who he named to be his most faithful and charge (after learning about the 3 from Lydia ) set out to find the 3. Charge broke Ark's and Zero's seal and healed them and Kenas awoke from his slumber as a rotting corpse. Using traces of information he led himself towards Ark and Zero and healed himself along the way. The 3 united once again and teached Charge, an ordinary cat how to fight . Later Lydia joined their team which was named "Guardians".

Ongoing ( 18 and Onwards )

Kenas continues to be who he is, He now takes up residence in Central Park, Station Square.



Pyrokinesis (Fire manipulation)

Kenas is a skilled Pyrokinetic having trained as much as he can in the spiritual world both mentally and physically so he would be able to control it freely. His fire is also blue in color meaning it is more hotter and more destructive than normal fire. This ability is also more devoloped than a normal pyrokinetics' abilities.

Here are some Pyrokinetic skills he can use ;

Flame (No variant)

  • Flare Breath - Kenas makes a giant exhale as and releases it out of his mouth in the form of dragon breath, He converts the air into fire as it exits his mouth.
  • Flare Blitz - Kenas envelops himself in his fire , while this does put a considerable amount of strain on the user it returns its part of the deal by improving all physical skills of the user. It can burn upon touch.
  • Flare Blacksmith - Kenas can create blade weapons as well as long ranged weapons at his palms using concentrated blue fire, The weapons burn upon touch.
  • Flare Burst - Kenas concentrates blue fire in his body and suddenly allows it to rampage creating a blast with a good radius, this does put strain on Kenas's body. It burns upon touch.
  • Self destruct Clone - A blue fire clone that self destructs when it is needed to do so. It bears resemblance to all of Kenas's other clones and does not show much difference as it is cloaked using Kenas's Umbrakinetics as well.
  • Dragon Vortex - Instead of a direct attack this attack can create more attacks as it releases massive amounts of blue fire into the atmosphere that are all under Kenas's control. With this attack he can summon any of his attack freely from the massive amounts of blue fire going around.
  • Flare Shield - Blue fire shield that is immune to fire attacks and Leaf based attacks. It doesn't show much resistance against water as it is its weakness. Burns upon touch.
  • Flare Wave - Concentrated fire energy shot as a wave towards the enemy , it has high pierce chance and less burn chance

Ash (Plant Variant)

  • Poison Ash - If there is inflammable material around Kenas this attack can be used to release ash into the air and heavily poison everyone who breathes it. This attacks radius is about 30- from the point it was used.
  • (Still learning other Ash techniques)

Magma (Earth Variant)

  • Eruption - Magma erupts from the ground and shoots itself at the opponent.
  • Magma Vortex ( Dangerous! Limit Breaker ) - Magma Variation of Fire vortex , It is far more effective than flare vortex though.
  • Obsidinate / Obsidian Blacksmith - The lava is instantly cooled down and produces a jet black colored obisidan. The obsidian produced from this is as hard and sharp as steel and can also be used to create weapons. While this does not have the instant burn or heat property as that of Flare blacksmith the sharpness and the pierce rate is not comparable.
  • (This ability is currently imperfect, much energy using and still learning)

Lightning (Pure Heat Variant)

  • Scorch from Above - A pure heat based attack that sends blue lightning upon the foe , it travels at great speeds and is a sure burn.
  • Strike ( Dangerous! Limit breaker! ) - A Spear of Electricity is created at Kenas's palm which is very lethal and produces mass amounts of electricity amogn touch with a the foe. It can even be fused with kenas's gunblades and shot for ranged use.

Umbrakinesis (Dark manipulation)

Kenas' Umbrakinetic skills come from Negative. Both of them worked on their team work and co-ordinated thinking at their time in the spiritual world to put this ability to maximum use. This skill does not drain power as much as Kenas' pyrokinetics since this come from two people's minds as well as two people's power supplies.

Here are some Umbrakinetic skills Kenas can use;

  • Trickster's illusion - While not exactly a attack this power takes the least consumption of energy from all of Kenas's powers. It manipulates light so that he can create false projections to distract the enemy while he does something else. The start of a illusion does have a signal but I will not be telling it to you, figure it out!
  • Dark Burst - Dark varriant of Flare Burst.
  • Dark wave - Dark variant of Flare Wave.
  • Shadow Blacksmith - Dark variant of Flare Blacksmith.
  • Space Trap - Transforms the area surrounding him and his opponent to complete darkness for some time blinding the opponent as well as scaring him is he is scared of the dark.
  • Shadow Form - Travel through shadows by dissolving into one.
  • Doom Vortex - Dark variant of Dragon Vortex.
  • Reaper's Scythe ( Dangerous ! Limit Breaker ) - Very powerful dark attack. Summons a Scythe purely made out of a jet black mass. Upon touch the victim is poisoned as well as they receive mental damage.The scythe produces no wind while moving.


Kenas' Transformation's Info is here...


Shi no burēdo

'Shi no buredo' Is the name given to two Gunblades Kenas wields. Their separate names are 'Nensho'(Combustion) and 'Toketsu'(Frozen). As a Fact they are unbreakable.


Both Gunblades' appearance are the same on most part. They consist of a sword grip with a diamond shaped pomel. The grip has the gun's trigger attached to it and the sword guard features the magazine. Out of the magazine (the middle of the sword guard) extends out the barrel of the gun. The sword blades are on both sides of the barrel with the whoel gunblade bieng colored black.


The powers and abilities of both swords are very different from each other even though they look alike. Nensho puts Kenas's generic elements, Fire and Darkness to use. Toketsu introduces two new elements which are Light and Ice in kenas's arsenal.

Here are some things the guns can do;

  • Shot (Both guns) - Basic shot of Fire, Darkness, Ice or Light from their respective guns.
  • Barrage (Both guns) - Barrage of shots of Fire, Darkness, Ice or Light from their respective guns.
  • Granedier Shot (Nensho-Fire) - Explosive fire shot.
  • Zofuku (Nensho-Either or Both) - Amplify Blade swipes with fire or darkness to increase sharpness and speed.
  • Hakai (Nensho-Both) - Combines Darkness and fire energy in the barrel and releases it in the form of a beam, Maybe burn opponents.
  • Mada Toketsu(Toketsu-Ice) - Freeze the opponents body part it touches.
  • Seinaru (Toketsu-Both) - Combines light and ice energy in the barrel and releases it in the form of a beam, May freeze opponents fully.
  • Kongo Abare (Both guns) - Mix Of barrages all together, faster and more powerful than a normal barrage. ( Dangerous! Limit Break )
  • Sa no Hokai(Both guns) - Combines all 4 elements to create element-less raw power which is shot in the form of a massive beam at the opponent. ( Dangerous! Limit Break )
  • Piercer - A very powerful shot that ignores defense. ( Dangerous! Limit Break )


Physical Attack
Physical Defense
Magical Attack
Magical Defense



Blood loss Resistance/ Elemental resistence Due to his undead part kenas is resistant to blood loss to a certain extent due to his undead part he also is elemental resistant up to a point.

Skill with Weapons

Kenas learned how to fight with a large array of weapons in his time as a Destroyer and knows what technique to use at what time even if it will seriously injure his foe. His most preferred kind of weapons were one handed weapons since they were quick, agile, sharp and small. 

Running Skill

After surpassing the front guards when he tried to escape into the library when he was one of Kraze's Destroyers he had to run fast and be stealthy because if he was caught on the number of camera's outside it would be bad for him. His running skill was trained and it was further developed by his trait of vampirism.


During the time where he was part of the 8 destroyers, Kenas became very paranoid when sneaking out of Kraze's stronghold and reacted quickly to any possible threats along the way since Kraze would execute him if he found out. Overtime he got faster and faster at reacting and was able to tell what was going to happen before it even happened though it doesn't work all the time.

Mind Protection

He trained his mind so that he will be protected against mind mangling magic and illusions when he was part of the Kraze's Destroyers since many different kinds of fighters appeared and some of them were illusion casters and such.


"Anger is a powerful force , Don't always use it treasure it until you get the perfect chance to use it "
"Heh...When I look back at my past you could say that my destiny was to die when I was 10...But I pushed through...and now I have friends a brother a job and...a enemy...It just comes to show that if you work hard enough to change the way your stream of life will go , It'll turn...Just keep going at it"

Other quotes

"I don't even... What?"
—Kenas when he is confused


In battle one of kenas's main weaknesses could be his weak defense combined with his weak physical state. But you should careful when approaching him to close because even though he has a weak body and weak physical defence his hand to hand combat abilities and reflex speed is stunning.

Other than that in kenas's daily life it is seen that kenas has a fear of really high heights also a fear of coakroaches and spiders or any insect at extremely close range for that matter.

Trivia and Q&A


  • All of Kenas's Powers listed here was gained after he returned from the spiritual world.
  • Naskes means nose hair in IamKenasXros' language .
  • Zero is Kenas's actual brother (they learn it in his teen years) their parents sent Zero away since 2 children was too much for them.
  • Kenas's Eyes glow in the dark and so do his stripes but his stripes only glow slightly.
  • Even though Kenas controls fire his physical body is not weak to water or light since his body is off a normal Hedgehog's.
  • Kenas likes Pepsi and lemonade.
  • Shi no buredo, Toketsu and nensho both used to be the same as Nensho. Toketsu has an ancient stone embedded into it which reverses all of kenas's powers to produce the holy and ice element. This is empowered by kenas's Doombringer power.

Questions and Answers

  • A Demon can be good?
    • The reason he is 'good' is because he tends to help people and can't keep himself from doing it.
    • He made a promise to multiple people that he will do good and is determined to keep that promise as well as make himself happier by doing so.
    • Another reason is he feels guilty for killing innocents in his time as Kraze's minions and he does not want to experience it again.
  • He is a DEMON he can't be good!
    • First of Kenas is technically not a demon. Negative is a demon and he lives inside of Kenas's mind.
    • Secondly even Negative is not exactly a Demon in his story he was originally someone who was very lonely and ignored and had no friends. He became fed up and suicided and ended up seeking revenge in his afterlife which propelled him into becoming a demon. He worked his way up the ranks and became a deity and started possessing multiple people for his revenge.
    • His last victim is Kenas and he is also his first friend since he is the only one that tried to understand him for even once and talks to him freely whenever he wants, thus they share their powers.
  • Then he isn't a demon...
    • He is. Negative bears the title of demon and a deity at that and he shares his powers with Kenas. Kenas himself is not that much powerful and negative completes him. He also bears the title of demon because of his past killings, but he doesn't seem sad of the title because the spirits of the one's he killed are one of the main reasons he attained Doombringer to defeat Kraze for the first time.
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