Rebuilt Titanic Monarch, 11 PM.

As Sonic and the group were running into the computer room, the doors closed. An alarm went off. Dr. Robotnik jumpded down in his greatest invention yet.

"Time to scramble some Eggmen! Come on, guys, time to kick some butts!" Said Sonic. The fight began, Tails and Knuckles hit the machine from the front, while Mighty and Ray were distracting Dr. Eggman from the back. The machine was very damaged after a while, Sonic dealed the final hit, Titanic Monarch started self-destructing. Sonic was caught in the explosions, but the others escaped.

Sonic Crew's Medical Corner, 7 AM.

Sonic woke up after he fainted. He was injured pretty badly from the explosions.

"What happened?" He said in a very tired voice. Amy soon walked up to see Sonic awake.

"Sonic! Thank goodness you're alive! I was so worried about you!" She said. Sonic tried to get up, but he felt strong pain.

"No no no! Lay down, Sonic, lay down. You need some rest!" Said Amy. The others came into the hut.

"Looks like a very serious problem!" Said Ray.

"I think Amy's right." Said Tails: "Your left leg looks broken, you can't run for a while, you have to be slow."

"Dang, I hate being slow!" Replied Sonic.

"You have to for now, Sonic. You could've been killed in that explosion!" Said Mighty.

"I hope you will be okay after a while, Sonic." Said Knuckles, joining the others.

"Thanks, Knux." Replied Sonic: "Can I get some Chili Dogs now?"

Flicky Island, 7 AM.

Shade was rushing through the tropical forests of his home land. When he suddenly noticed a capsule. Flickies were trapped in that capsule.

"How do I open it?.. Don't worry guys, I will try to do something!" He said. He jumped on the capsule. The Flickies were released, but suddenly, the capsule moved mechanically underground. It was replaced with a bigger capsule, trapping Shade inside it.


Shade tried to break through the window of the capsule, but to no avail.

"Help! Somebody!"

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