The newest creation of Dr. Eggman: "Sonic" The Datahog


"Sonic" looks exactly like the real Sonic , due Eggman created "Sonic" accidently. "Sonic"'s fur is black with neon-green Markings on his belly, arms, legs, spines, gloves, rings and bangs. His eye colour is the same green, but has two different styles: The normal one, with pupils is his regular, and another one without pupils is this one, which only appears, if "Sonic" can't use his powers. He wears neon-green boots, with two silverish-grey clips attached to every boot. All his green markings(including his eyes and boots) are glowing.


"Sonic" is a very shy Datahog, who doesn't like it to fight against others. He is often very dispersed and has a bad memory. Overall, he's a very friendly and nice Datahog. He befriended Sonic first, since Sonic helped him out of Eggman's Base.


"Sonic" was created, as Eggman was going to create a new "CopyCat", a group of Hedgehogs who were created by Dr. Eggman by splicing, for example Shadow 's and Mephiles ' DNA together to create a two minded, very brutal Hedgehog called "Mephadow", to kill Sonic(they all turned against Eggman). Accidently, Bits of Sonic's DNA were mixed up with some mircrochips. As Eggman flipped the switch, the whole room was covered in a bright light, which could be seen hundrets of miles away. Of course, that caught Sonic's attention, who immediately rushed to Eggman's base. As the blue Hedgehog entered the base, everything was destroyed. "What could unleash such a powerful blast?" he asked himself. Sonic's question was immediately answered, as he saw a black Hedgehog sitting in a capsule. The glass was shattered to thousands of pieces. Sonic slowly approached the black Hedgehog as he heard a familiar voice. "Don't get nearer!" it was Shadow, who followed Sonic. Suddenly, the black Hedgehog jumped up, but collapsed on the ground. Sonic looked around, but Eggman was nowhere to be seen. The black Hedgehog opened his eyes a bit and said in a soft, weak voice: "Help me... please..." Sonic and Shadow took him with and left the already destroyed base. What they didn't know... Eggman watched them...


Nothing is known about his powers, except that white energy blast.


  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Dash
  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Blast(Maybe?)
  • ring break


  • Hacking(only for gathering informations)
  • High Speed
  • High IQ(around 308 - 320)


  • Too much high Electricity
  • Water
  • Has a strange fear against Darkness
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