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Credit's to Gwen
"Princess" Blitz the Fox

Biographical Information
Age 14
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Fox
Gender Female
  • Fur: Red w/ White Furry muzzle
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Blue Shirt
  • Jeans
  • Grey Shoes
  • Light Blue Dress (sometimes)
  • High heels (sometimes)
  • Crown (sometimes)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Good
Other Information
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorUser:NerotheHedgehog


She knew to help those who are being picked and offer them shelter and food. But she's also lonely due to being alone in a castle her life as a child, so she hopes to make some friends she can trust. Pretty soon, she gets a friend and lover, to which she starts smiling and enjoying his company when he comes to her castle to spend time with her.


Born in a unknown castle, Blitz grew up with her loving father and mother who loved her dearly. One day, her parents went out for a ride in the forest. On that day it was storming, and lighting struck. Setting the trees on fire her parents tried the best to escape but their path was blocked by the fallen trees, so they stayed close together and died in a fire. After a few days went by, the news came that the king and queen had died. She was offered to leave the castle for a new home, but to keep remembering her parents. She decide to stay in the castle, even if it means she'll be alone. Years later, She met a hedgehog named Blade, who visits her often to which they both start falling in love.



Blitz is a female mobian fox with red fur and red hair, which is styled short in the front by three bangs and a pony tail in the back. Her muzzle is white along with the tip of her tail and the inside of her ears, and her eyes are light blue. Her clothes are a blue shirt, blue jeans, grey shoes, sometimes a light blue dress, light blue heels and sometimes her silver crown, and white fingerless gloves with a purple band.

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