Template:Construction/New Maroon is a black skinned goat who wields a sword known as Sonnelion and a gun known as beelzebub. He doesn't seen to have any magical or kinetic abilities, but instead has much improved physical abilities and knowledge. He is a mercanary for hire and a anti-hero. He has a curious and kind of rude nature.


His physical appearance consits of Black and white skin combined with red color inscriptions craved into his hands and feet and also muzzle. His most noticable feature is his two curved horns extending out of his head also carved with red inscriptions. Other than that he has a small red tail out his back.


He has a black jacket tied around his waist and a red t-shirt. Also black pants and belt that holds his gun and sword ( Beelzebub and Sonnelion ). He wears Black sneakers and no gloves whatsoever.


Maroon doesn't seem too kind nor does he seem too rude. He is silent only speaking when he finds it necassary for him to do so. When doing his job maroon is a fully concentrated on carrying out the mission, he does not stop for anyone nor anything. If he is enraged he will hide it until he is face to face with his target and then unleash it all on it.

When outside of his job he acts as if a normal person but still keeps the fact that he is very silent. He doesn't seem to help anyone unless he deems it necassary and will just continue to observe the people around him. He is not one to pick a fight either unless someone comes to him. He only has little mercy and pity and believes that caste and rank doesn't matter as long as one has intelligence and power.

In one line, he is a silent, moving only if necassary, mercanary that puts his job on the top unless something very important blocks his way.


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