Luzu is a 16 year old female anthromoprhic rusty-spotted cat. She has a small build and is short (2'5 ft) even  when compared to a mobian due to her genes. While she appears to be harmless and innocent ,she is actually a very sadistic person. She enjoys killing and getting hurt. She gained this as she was subjected to experience numerous killings as a child and felt fond of death and found pain enjoyable. She is also a great actress which enables her to fool her victims to play right into where she wants them to be. She is also a blood manipulator and is extremely swift due to her small build.


Luzu appears to be completely harmless. Her physical appearance is that of a small girl's. With a height of 2'5 ft and a wight of 10-15 kg she is extremely light and short. Her fur color is light orange with with brown stripes at her elbow, knee and  shoulder joints. Her torso as a exception has white fur and blends smoothly back into light orange fur when it goes to her legs and arms. Luzu's eye color is blue and she has well combed orange hair which falls down to her elbows. Her hair also has brown stripes.


She wears a light orange dress with white trimmings. The dress has a light orange ribbon on the chest area with long ribbon tails. There is also a flower design on the skirt part of her dress. Finally her footwear consists of white socks and white shoes. A pretty normal attire.


Luzu is a great actress and thus she has two personalitys. First is her fake persoanltiy she uses to fool others. Other is her true sadistic personality.

Fake personality

Luzu appears to be harmless, innocent and kind. Always calling for help from others and luring them near her. A lot of people fall for this trick of hers due to her convincing nature and looks. People who fall victim to this fake nature of hers are either seperated from their friends and made a minion of hers or killed altogether for her own amusement.

True personality

Her true personality is that of a sadist's she enjoys killing and toture but she isn't insane either. She does it for her own amusement under her own free will. She is never grateful for what anyone does for her and she has no respect towards others and she doesn't think twice about hurting others. She likes everything to go her own despite all of the other things that can ruin this. People rarely get the feelign to hurt her or they feel guilty they did due to her appearance. She uses this to her advantage freely and does whatever she wants. She also has a smooth way of talking to get what she wants.



Luzu was created to be a hidden personality type of person and due to her creator needing a character that isn't related to kenas's story. 


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Luzu was born a normal cat with dangerous magic potential that came from both her mother and father. She came from a middle class family of neutral magicians and was well educated by the wealth that her mother and father possessed.

Everything was okay in her life except for one thing, A certain serial killer. This serial killer had done multiple killings in the naighbour hood and she had witnessessed some of these as a child when she went out to play. She soon started to become less scared of these murders as her witnesses became more frequent and silently grew a liking to death. She approached the killer afterwards but the kilelr had no intetions of befriending her and attempted to kill her but was saved by Maroon and decided to travel wthi him. 

Her relationship with the mercanary known as "Maroon" was kept a secret from her father and mother. But her father and mother soon figured this out and attempted to talk her daughter out of this madness. Luzu didn't listen instead she used their vulnerable time to kill her parents and extracted all their magical aura for her use. Afterwards before anyone of the neighbourhood came to know about the death of Mr. and Mrs. Lovebring, she ran away. she lied to the neighbours about everything and then dissapeared planning her escape and dissapearance pretty neatly. She was never heard from again.

Later she appeared to maroon once again and started travelling with him once again. soon she grew jealous of his ability and decided to kill him by picking a time he doesn't suspect. He escaped and decided to not come back to meet luzu ever again. While Maroon took somewhere else to live, luzu took Maroon's home as her own.



Her love for bloodshed has given her this power, Blood manipulation. This abiltiy is greatly refined and improves the more she kills. She can heal herself aswell as manipulate the opponents blood vessels using this.


Ferrokinesis came as she grew more to like her weapon, Blood's bane. She searched ways to use it in other ways than using it as a simply scythe and ferrokinesis was the answer. Normally the metal floats around Luzu in battle and protects her. It is very hard and not meltable thus outsmarting is the option to go with.


Chronomancy is a ability passed down from her magician heritage. She can make herself faster and others slower considerably using this. The process is activated when she comes into contact with the foe's body.


Blood's Bane

Blood's bane is a scythe Luzu weilds it was a scythe passed down from her family but later the scythe was corrupted by luzu and turned into Blood's bane. It is now a devastating war scythe for luzu's use.


Blood's Bane appearsto be a scythe with a blood red hilt and polished silver colored blades.

The scythe has a red, steel pole as the pole which the two blades are mounted on. The pole has various insciptions on it and a hand gaurd on both sides of the gripping area of the scythe. The blades, While nothaving any decorations are saw-toothed on the upper side. The two blades are situated on opposite ends of the pole and on the side opposite to the pole hook-like decorations are seen.


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