Jess is a 38 year old mobian fox. He was born to a high caste magician family in a un-named kingdom. He is not a character who appears in kenas's continum and was made to claim the 'Joker' card in the card characters set. He posses a power known as 'The joker's prized deck of cards' which enables him to do multipel  things such as summoning weapons, magic and temporary buffs.


He has a maize colored furry fox muzzle with three tufts of hair on each side. The first bang of each side is vary large compared to both other two, The second one is medium sized, both tuft are pointed upwards but the third one is an exception. The third tuft is situated below the other two and points straight downward and is much smaller than the other two. Moving on to his crimson eyes there is not much to explain. He dominatly is white colored but some areas of fur are crimson.  On his head he has red hair covering most of his face except his ears, eyes and muzzle. His left ears has a red stripe travelling around it horizontally, differently his has crimson tufts of fur on its tip.

A proportion of his torso is shown. He has three vertically placed crimson circles on his torso with a normal amount of chest hair. His arms have nothing special and are completely white. His feet are colored crimson from the knee and downward. From his back a straight normal sized tail protrudes along with a much smaller tail below it. He wears a white colored trenchcloak with a royal feel to it in battle. It is white colored and has crimson trims. Other than that he wears a unbuttoned checkered red hoodie and dark crimson pants.


Jess is very playful and mischievous. He will never miss a chance to amuse himself or his friends as he always tends to make corny jokes at a lot of things. He is also rather mischevious as he tends to cause problems and constantly messes stuff up, Thus it is not a intelligent idea to trust him with very important work. He is shown to be comonly happy with a smile on his face unless something horrible has happened. He is also quite generous once you get to know him, But he doesn't care the slightest bit about others he do not know. He is also shown to be very selfish, being very possesive of his 'Belongings' ( Friends, Family etc. ) and will go to any height to protect them unless he sees no way of protecting them.  Jess is stubborn beleiving only what he beleives is right and going to any height to prove it. He can be a slight crazy at times aswell.



Jess was a character that started when i got the urge to make a character based of the 'Card-Claser Class' from AQW. Another reason for his creation was inspiration from the card characters that a group of people in SFW were making. His power was made first before his appearance and story and his story was made to fit his power and personality. His personality was based off of a user that goes by the name 'Fain' on SFW. Later on his appearance was devoloped and he was given a name. Jess meaning jester, Faun standing for 'Fain' and Speller standing for spellcaster and such.


Jess was a fairly normal child born to an un-named couple who came from a high-caste magician family in an un-named kingdom. When he was born Jess's mother and father went through hardship to raise their son but raised him happily as a happy child. After his years of being cuddled he gained education from a very renowned school in the kingdom. He was known as a happy and hard-working child by his teachers and was favoured for this. He gained his playfullness in these years as after studying, he always loved to play whenever he could. 

But being from a magician family he had to learn to use magic as it is one of the family's traiditions that the child be taught magic at the age of fifteen or sixteen. His years of hardship began as his family soon found out that  their son could not contain enough magical energy at one moment to actually cast a proper spell. Rapidly he started being discriminated by his relatives until it was demanded that he was thrown out of the family. But his mother and father being very loving of him decided to keep him. They strived to protect him from the relatives and keep him happy, but Jess became sad because he knew that he is putting his mother and father through trouble and sooner of later one of them might get hurt. Being able to not withstand it anymore he got an idea. An idea that saved himself and his family.

He always loved to play cards with his father in his free time and he always used one deck since he favoured it more than the other decks due to its 'special' beauty. He started to store th magical energy he gained in this card set while pouring more magic into his 

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