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This is Impression in part of the Pursuit of Colona series, created by TZ on 18 Aug 2016 and adopted by Julia Finitevus on March 20, 2017.
Cquote1.png Redeem the very days which are despised, so it all savages the humble in due time. Cquote2.png
Stable Tolffe in an advice letter to Princess Penelope

Dr. Stable "Impression" Tolffe the Wolf is a traveler of Reyonis Platura and a moral wanderer, serving as a side contender against the protagonist in the Pursuit of Colona series, Princess Tuwark. He, contested of his social status in the particular world, makes his means to express his revelations about people in general and curve their motivation to his desires. Most times, this would be of a immoral value to point out, that in the end, there is no true justice.

Born in Ovilis, the dweller obtains much of his world views from being praised in his youth as a religious devotee to the Tolffe Impressions as well as Platurian historical analysis. He admits that the social standpoint of the world is simply a lie made into a title among the people. So, he came up with a title for himself to be further referred, who he is now known as "Impression".

Concept and Creation

One compact and difficult day of education, Creator was quite bored in their studies, and missed on making new characters for the Pursuit of Colona series. They wanted another contender added on, because are there truly heroes and villains in a politically disrupted world? Of course not.

So, with enough thought, Creator decided to create a "social wanderer", who was quite unsure to determine what side the character was on with enough analysis. Mystery is the best key to every series, and that would be through this character named Dr. Stable the Wolf, commonly recognized and officially titled "Impression". Stable's general title, "Impression", comes from the fact that the character is setting an "impression" upon the people, but may not be honorable in the same. In the Reyplatal language, the auxiliary language used on Reyonis Platura, "impression" is spelled "Dokvav", so the English term of his name is technically incorrect. However, for the media's sake, if Dokvav is used, it is allowed, but preferred to use the translation "impression" to give the general meaning of the word. Everything else about the character fell into place without any problems, it seems.


Birth and Infancy

Initially named "Sabilis" at birth, Stable Tolffe the Wolf was born in the District of Turiah of Ovilis to his father Rovaiy Shantel the Wolf, and his mother, Vvcelta Emovud the Wolf. As "Sabilis" had a desirable interpretation to it, meaning "seeking after", the name still seemed empty in fortune for the parents to believe in. Vvcelta eventually confronted that the name of the child should be changed to "stable", since it means "complexity" in many Ovilian dialects. So, the two decided to name him "Stable" instead. For most of Stable's infancy, he was exposed to the alarming situations of the "spontaneous reality" that took part on Ovilis. However, for most of these events, he cannot recall them at the current time.


Stable was two years of age when his brother, Illio, was born. So, with this, Stable remained with his mother in order to take care of him. As he did not want to in reliance of his exploring nature, he still submitted to his mother's requests to do so. Meanwhile, his father would travel to the most vital parts of Ovilis, parts which he would be victim to the "spontaneous reality" that partakes there. Often, Stable would find Vvcelta in despair that Rovaiy was gone to do his duty for Ovilis. He never could connect why this would be so, but he would ask her enough questions to alleviate the confusion.

This leads into his desires to ask more questions about the world. Once Stable became three years old, he attended the Ovilian Department of Enlightenment, a newly developed school system around Ovilis. From there, he was led into the life of inquiry to obtain data, and then make his own to satisfy it. He had been obligated by his educators to create his own belief system, although it was immature at its start. It stated that before any truth could be accepted, then a new one would be created in its place (in other words, lying). He began to apply this with his mother, who supported him wholeheartedly, and eventually his father when he returned from the outskirts of Ovilis. Some of the residents that lived in the District of Turiah spread the idea around the city.

However, this would open up Stable's gates for scorn to afflict his esteem as well. By the time Stable was four years old, much of his schoolmates found other truths to make of their own, and they became the favor of all educators at their facility. Through doing so, some of the children, notably one named Tertag Janval, encouraged debates among the students about Stable's truths, and eventually had his whole reputation denied by the entire school. He debated that no truth can be eradicated.

When Stable was five years of age, having enough of the folly, he confronted his father and asked him why the world had ideals. Rovaiy told him that the world had ideals because they were "creating" one so that everyone would filter to unity. However, Stable did not accept this doctrine, and decided that he had to revise his religious belief system. It took him nearly seven years to flesh out the entire system--scenario by scenario.


Being twelve years of age in the determination of his heart, Stable was voted as the "most devout" in his school, an exceptional feat for being the "most devout" child in the entirety of Ovilis. When people spoke to him, he found himself speaking in parables and revelations that the adults even had difficulty understanding. However, this was a barrier of him and society. As he spoke more, people pulled farther and farther from him.

The only other person that Stable could really rely on at this time was his growing brother, Illio. As Illio was pushed out of society solely because of the reputation for being Stable's sibling, he became closer to his brother. Often, they would speak together about their affairs in education, and with Stable being the brighter one, he would tutor Illio with any problems that they had. Other than that, they were pulled out of the social realm.

Stable and Illio became close enough to create their own revolutionary doctrine. Stable now being fifteen years of age, he established the "impressions" concept, which denied the pursuit of social reality. In despise of the other people around him, he created this in order to permit social seclusion as well as expanding one's own view of themselves over the people. Illio was not entirely devoted to this belief, and one year later abandoned it. However, Stable was stable and made the impression to the people that he would never back down upon his ego.

Even though that Stable was stable, he became closely tied to a new female that attended the Ovilian Department of Enlightenment, Aquive Saud. She made her belief that no person could create the truth and deny the very truth at the same time. For this, Aquive Saud was more inclined to the romance of Tertag Janval, who had similar beliefs to her. Though Saud showed more affection toward Janval, Stable was determined to win it back - by any means necessary.

So, his sixteenth and seventeenth year of life was devoted to the "impression of return", which basically was the pursuit for the girl by making the impression that social seclusion was not his prominent trait. Not only this grew insincere traits in him, but it also built his cunning nature in being able to manipulate others according to his means. By his eighteenth year, he got married to Aquive Saud-Tolffe.

Around this situation were problems. Aquive Saud-Tolffe by this time was now pregnant with child, revealed to also have a breathing problem. Tertag Janval switches his alignment with Stable and instead promotes the "impression" concept--as so taking the credit for it as well. Stable's mother and father decided to live in the outskirts of Ovilis, in the parts with "spontaneous reality." Eventually, Stable became the modern icon of truth in Ovilis.

Maturation (Adulthood)

Beginning at his eighteen years of life, Stable pursued for a child from his newly wedded wife, Aquive. However, they came to figure out with many tries that she was possibly barren. So, instead, they considered endorsing into the newly established Colonaian adopt system, although they were all the way in Ovilis. They searched, but never obtained their goal.

Meanwhile, Stable's parents became the spotlight of Stable's troubles. As Stable did much to dissuade them from residing in Dakahama of Ovilis, he was still ultimately unsuccessful. He did not go along with them, and decided to become Illio's prime guardian instead, still living in the District of Turiah. For much days, he lived in the constant anxiety that his parents would be harmed in Ovilis, and eventually went there himself to see them. He had seen enough of the "spontaneous reality" after three days.

So, while becoming the mentor for Illio, he still was unsure how to lead him in the right direction. Deep down in Illio's mind, which he eventually exposed to Stable, there was the final vestiges of the "impressions" concept that they created together three years ago. Illio attempted to bring the concept back into Stable's motivation, but because of his relationship of Aquive, he denied him numerous times.

At nineteen years of age, the light strike of hope finally hit Stable. After many times of trying, even though suspected barren, Aquive finally became pregnant with child and carried it for a while. Stable graduated from the Ovilian Department of Enlightenment and earned his certification in "Beholden Truths" Expertise. Illio would successfully be a part of the clique of Tertag Janval, creating his own truth that any certainty ought not to be ignored. Stable's parents were still alive in spite of the difficult conditions of the non-Turian Ovilis. Most of all, Stable's truth on "impressions" would become well-known around Reyonis Platura.

Nothing was more well-known than the contributions that Stable made for those that relied on the "impression" concept. Immediately after Stable obtained his expertise certification in his given area, truths, he was offered an extensive education opportunity in Rocia of the Salwom Region. He gladly accepts and moved quickly upon it. So, he, his wife Aquive, and his brother Illio move to the Salwom region with him. He served as a "Truths Supervisor" there, and a religious evangelist in support of the "impressionist doctrine". Much issues arisen at the time of his career, such as those who despised Ovilians and their "eccentric" mindsets. Instead, he moved on to become a historian of Platurian history, eventually earning a doctorate in the field at just twenty years old. He writes three books about history, and two about truths: The Gruesome Image, Never Platurian to Remember, Victorious Deception, Impression vs. Suppression, and Seen for the Visionaries respectively. This gained him a world title of "success" on Reyonis Platura.

Not to undo much of the successes that Stable presented, but more despair barged into the life of Stable once again. At twenty years of age, the child that he was expecting from Aquive comes stillborn after a massive breath circulation hindrance at labor. At twenty-two years, he is challenged by a male named Tuo Vabins, accusing him of stealing his "truths". This was brought as a case before the Pertanese Enforcement Assembly, resulting in Tuo's sentence of exile to Ovilis for falsely accusing of so - at least no proof was presented. Though Stable did have favor in the challenge, he was still depleted of his reputation as a cunning, disloyal, and infringer of rights. At twenty-five years, with the three years of ignorance in his mind, Stable has Aquive confess to him that she had romantic relations with Tertag Janval. She was now pregnant with another male's child. Lastly, Illio, his brother, is killed in the same year by Ryder Council loyalists while in Wistlow. Stable did not tolerate this death too simply and had vile thoughts of killing not only his wife, but all those that harmed him.

Tense at all the situations, although they came at a slower pace, Stable was caused to strengthen his ego when he was twenty-six as the scandal of his wife swirled around in the social world, specifically of Colonaian media. From there on, he referred himself as "Impression", and requested that everyone else did the same. "Impression" became a traveler and went around Reyonis Platura with his wife, firstly to Hall of the Salwom region. For a while, he stayed there for the research of it and the people. Then, they fled to the Pertan region once the Hallans recognized him to ridicule, and when Aquive had a miscarriage of Janval's child. For another year, they remained there and ensured their successes there.

At the very end of the year, two events took place that caused Stable to be in the place he is modernly. While they were returning to Rocia, word had broken out that Tertag Janval had snatched the credit of the "impression doctrine" from Stable, giving him much monetary benefits that "Impression" had never earned from the Ovilian Arch of Studies. Thus, there was nothing more agonizing than to know that the established was never stable for "Impression", and that it would never be just. He attempted to confront the organization, but his pleas were ultimately ignored, due to the fact that he was Ovilian himself. On the side of that, his wife's body had given into the disease that was lingering for a long time - the one where she would have breath circulation issues. "Impression", finally taking her to a hospital for it, was told that it was called Fiejas, and it was not much rare among Ovilians connected to anxieties. The very night, she died in her sleep.

At that point, "Impression" was perpetually tried for his mental stability. Not only his brother was gone, but now his wife was, too. He attempted to convince himself that it was not a truth that they were dead, and were instead in another realm awaiting him. However, with no one to vent to, he became helpless, and eventually contemplated giving his own life away. He went back to his parents, and they told him to set his eyes forward.

It took him a little more than two years to do so, but he eventually did. He came to himself, and decided that no person had the truth, and no one had the capability to deny it all. This meant that he returned to his origins--the "impressions doctrine" as his brother would have wished. Instead, he renamed it to be the "Tolffe Impressions" named after his previous name that the coming generation would not recognize. He made his courageous statement of it: "Never to tell is to never hear what never comes." Even though Tertag Janval still had the official ownership of the "impressions doctrine" in the long run, "Impression" still made amends to earn that title back and occasionally work with Tertag to move his way cunningly in. With enough praise, he ended up finding that it was a cycle and never a resolution to anything. Nothing would truly stop him from secluding himself from society.

Present Time

Now, "Impression" devotes his time to revealing the truth about the government and society--while putting up a pseud persona for the people. He works with the Platurian Enlightenment Group in order to add to the truths that everyone searches, especially the origins of Reyonis Platura. At the same time, he challenges the Colonaian government and attempts to overthrow them to cause it to prove its injustice. He is an independent worker of the deed, and uses his manipulative skills to achieve his means. But, at times, he will find himself in the puppetry of justice when he evaluates rights must be upheld.


Some would describe him as strange; some would argue that he is only adjusted to his own world views. He would say that he is an individual slipping through life experience in order to sustain life traditions. Whatever any person would end up saying about "Impresssion" is that he is manipulative, cunning, yet trustworthy to fulfill his promises--including those out of his control.

When it comes down to daily life, Impression is found socially secluded and purposely ignoring individuals when confronted. For himself, he would request the acknowledgement and the reverence from people by making them "worthy" to speak to him. He treats himself as an obligation of the people while remaining mysterious. Although he does exemplify the typical inverted nature--never initiating conversation--he does have some level of courage to express himself openly when it is deemed necessary. As he would say to an individual about his social interaction skills, "Opportunity is mercy."

Impression has also been found to be manipulative in his ways due to an open mind and well intellect of communication. As he finds himself in the deepest of undesirable outcome, most times it having political figures involved, he has the main nature to manipulate himself out of it by any means. His ultimate goal is to prove his statements right--even if they lack interpretation at the time--and would manipulate situations to seem as so. His view of the world is that he would eventually be viewed by it with enough concern. But, as he is also attractive in his intellect, he uses such to bring any limit down on its knees.

One of the main traits that Impression holds dear to is the "fulfilling of reality", which he would explain that to be to always allow what flows from the mouth to become a reality. In simplest terms, he holds to his words. By the daily situation of speaking to another person, he would ensure that what he says becomes a truth for the people to know--hence why he speaks less. Moreover, his words technically have higher reverence from those who truly know him, because those who do realize that he is right all the time. There are some setbacks to it, however. When Impression is found wrong and confronted, notably by Opia Cilia when in interaction, he openly denies it and titles it a lie on their part.

Powers and Abilities

Special Abilities

"Impression" has an ability called "Two Thoughts" which enables him to use another person's actions and expose it in some way--giving his thoughts to someone else. Doing this, he is unable to use more than one person at once as well as inflict the power on himself. Normally, he does not use this ability, because he believes that it encourages the corruption of virtue in one's own strength. However, he does use it when he is in dire need to make his foresight of the individual capacity right. When he does, he will normally expose another person in the dream of a person his target reverences, loves, or hates. This makes his ability effective when pursuing his means against Princess Penelope the Puppy--one of his main targets. Even then, he does not use it often to prove that in consideration of his own strength in setting the impression for the truth.


"Impression" has the main skill to control other people and environments around him, due to his quick sense of creating intricate plots on the spot. Most of his skills have a social basis with manipulation being the core benefit of it. He does not have the skill to convert people's beliefs as much rooted they are (for he was a religious traveler at one time), but he does have the ability to compromise it gradually.

Another of his main skills is being able to open his mind for any ideas. When he is under pressure, he has the skill to generate a solution that would be the most effective as well as the most desirable--adequately evaluating the best opportunity cost. As he is praised in the particular field, he is also an expert at it. So, without any barriers on him, he ensures that the best is sufficient for a large part of his experiences.

Another of his main skills is being able to travel quickly at high speeds when decisive. On documentation of Ovilian necessities, Impression is able to run one-hundred meters in thirty-nine seconds. So, when he is in a need to move, he is ready to prove. The only reason why he would need to run, though, is if there is someone chasing him for violent purposes, or he is attempting to fulfill one of his plots. So, his running nature, although a skill, can be considered obsolete.


For the most part, "Impression" is quite the mysterious one on his relationship statuses with other people besides his family. As manipulative he is, it is generally assumed that Impression does not have much of any pleasant bonds with others, since that he is socially questioned of his motives.


Rovaiy Shantel the Wolf (Father)

Vvcelta Emovud the Wolf (Mother)

Illio the Wolf (Brother) (Deceased)

Aquive Saud-Tolffe (Ex-Wife) (Deceased)


Princess Penelope the Puppy

King Spair the Cat

Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog

Other People

Opia Cilia the Colonaian Seedrian


Pursuit to Disorder: Class of Nations


Demetori - 優雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life

Impresssion's Battle Theme in Pursuit to Disorder: Class of Nations

In this game, "Impression" plays an important role against Ikkup and his or her party. As he explains in the pre-battle cutscene, he was there to tell Princess Tuwark that she was going to win against him, but by his words he wins also by hindering them such a bit. His metaphorical analysis of the team also drives time that the team does not interrupt. When fighting him, there is no armada supporting him in comparison to the other bosses. He is down-to-earth on his fighting, and therefore he uses all that he has in the battle to prevent the team from proceeding. The battle consists of puzzles of illusions that Impression casts on the players (except those who can resist it). In order for players to strike him, he would have to be manifested true when targeted. Because of the puzzles, and let alone Impressions attacks as well, this battle is the second hardest major boss in the game--the final boss being the hardest.

Character Theme

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box - Theme of Diabolical Box (Live Version)


  • This character was originally going to be named "Sabilis" after the Pertanese individual, Savoice, since he was deemed an Ovilian. However, to put the English naming into context, Stable is stable in his mind, as Savoice was not (shown in the series he is from). So, to balance it out, Stable was going to be named "Sabilis" for acknowledgement purposes.
  • Some people in the Pursuit of Colona series believes that "Impression" is a reincarnation of Dojyu Coffnaigh who originated in the Pordemom Era, since that Stable uses many references to setting up a "persona" in front of others to achieve vain means.
  • With regards to his personality, he was originally going to have an abhorrence for acclamation directed to him. However, this being inconsistent with the haughty nature that he tends to have, this trait was excluded.
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