"Bone" the Cat
"Bone" the Cat
Honorless (By Scream) Little brother (Rarely by Nova)
Domestic short-haired cat
Short white hair, white fur, white skin, red eyes.
Formal white shirt, white dress pants, black dress shoes, black tie.
Nova the Wolf (Only in arms)
Romantic Interest
None, was originally to be Ghost the Hedgehog.
Formality, trying guns, taking cat-naps, Nova, Pain
Scream, mud, stealing (despite being a thief), little children being mistreated, his parents (for abandoning him.)
Gun shooting, has the ability to cause explosions in certain areas through mental power.
"Bone" the cat (Real name unknown) is a 14-year-old anthropomorphic cat. He is often called a crybaby.

Cquote1I DIDN'T DO IT! OKAY, I DID IT, BUT I'M SORRY! PLEASE DON'T ARREST ME!Cquote2 -When getting caught in the middle of a robbery.


When compared o other characters, Bone is unnaturally sensitive. s one yells at him, he most definitely will cry. He doesn't like messy things (Despite his history) and prefers clean places. Other than that he is shy and prefers to investigate things in secret. When he is with his friends he is happier and likes to play with string. (Which is why he has his tie, so he can play with it when he's bored.


Not much is known about his history, except that he was raised in the streets because he was abandoned by his parents. He ran around stealing things but ended up feeling bad and always returning them in secret. When he met Nova, she gave him his name based on his fur color, but he was a lot more to take care of then she expected.


If you would like to discuss any possible relationship that you would like to have between one of your characters and Bone, please ask on his talk page :D

Nova the Wolf

Nova found Bone trying to steal her scythe while she wasn't looking. He quickly apologized and nearly fainted because he was scared. Nova, confused, asked him what his name was, and all he said was "I don't think I have a name..." Nova smiled and told him that since he had white fur she would call him Bone. Bone thinks of Nova as an older sister, or possibly even a mother type figure, which Nova is puzzled at due to the way she thinks she acts. Bone is always scared when he is not with his "Big sister."

Scream the Bat

Bone has a fear type of relationship established with Scream. He thinks that Scream wants to kill him. Scream, on the other hand, sees Bone as a play toy that he can do whatever he wants to. Scream also has a natural dislike towards the white cat because he thinks that Bone lacks honor, which is Scream's number one priority.

Pain the Demon-cat

Bone is relieved when Pain is around, and views the red cat as kinder than Scream. He sometimes sees Pain as a fatherly figure. He enjoys being around Nova and Pain at the same time.


Bone is small and flexible, and is good at spying, which Nova taught him. He also seems to do very well with almost all weapons, possibly gaining experience from stealing and returning weapons over the years. Despite this, he is weak when it comes to larger weapons.

Despite his personality, Bone surprisingly uses a small handgun most of the time. This is because it is lightweight and easy to handle for him,


  • Is small an quick.
  • The quietest of his team.
  • Has great aim.


  • Never voices his opinion.
  • Isn't very strong.
  • Is scared of people larger than him.


"Well... I didn't expect you to be THAT bad..." -After winning a battle.
"It was to be expected..." -After losing a battle.
"I actually did something right?!" -Getting an "S" rank on a mission.
"Much better than I expected." -Getting a "A" rank on a mission.
"I feel normal. Oh well..." -Getting a "B" rank on a mission.
"Well... better than nothing."- Getting a "C" rank on a mission.
"This is so unfair..." -Getting a "D" rank on a mission.
"CURSE YOU KARMA!" *sob* -Getting a "E" rank on a mission.
"My name... to be truthful, I don't know what my REAL name was. But Nova just started off calling me 'Bone' and it stuck to me. So call me "Bone" the Cat." -Introducing himself.



  • One could easily assume that Bone is an albino, due to his white fur and red eyes. This is untrue though.
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