Mozilla the Fire Fox is an orange pyrokinetic fox who can run at high speeds due to the ability to compress the space around him and move forward, and then decompressing space, shifting his position forward in the direction he was going. At the same time, Mozilla is capable of using and understanding technology very quickly, multi-task, understand different languages, and vaguely understand what people are thinking. While he is extremely popular and has a large amount of friends, it can be agreed by many that Mozilla's best friend is Linux the Penguin.


Mozilla was created in a laboratory under the name Project Phoenix. He was made to revolutionize the idea of speed and efficiency in the Mobian race. One of the core features of Mozilla was the ability to add extra DNA strands, called extensions or addons, which allowed him to use new abilities and technologies.

When Mozilla was capable of thinking with his own free will, he was released from his containment chamber and could roam freely throughout the halls of the laboratory. Many people enjoyed the young Mozilla, as he could quickly understand technologies and could travel from point A to point B in an instant. Eventually, Mozilla underwent more changes, such as the ability to multi-task efficiently and understand multiple languages on his own.

The current version of Mozilla carries much more advanced eidetic memory and the ability to vaguely understand what people are thinking. This allows him to tell if something isn't right about a situation, and get him ready to kill whatever is approaching with fire.


Mozilla is fast, and extremely generous. He can read thoughts, allowing him to conform to a person's routines, and preferences. Sometimes, he'll misinterpret something you say, but give him some patience and he'll learn how to understand you better. Mozilla's ability to instantly travel allows him to look up resources, and his eidetic memory allows him to dynamically store that memory with different senses.


Because of his pyrokinetic nature, Mozilla can use fire-based abilities. He can create walls of fire, using it block off attackers, and at the same time, burn his opponents before they get near him or his friends. His ability to use addons towards his DNA means he can add more powers. One such major addon called Tor gives him the ability to turn invisible. Tor works quite well, but impacts his speed, and his abilty to understand some things. As good as many of these addons are, it is easy for him to get corrupted by addons, which can make him annoying, infectious, and even violent.


Mozilla has also has many talents and skills, he can understand different languages, technologies, and has eidetic memory, and extremely long term memory. He just needs to look as and use the technology or listen to the language and he will begin to pick up it's syntax and usage quite easily.


  • Evidently, Mozilla is based on Mozilla Firefox.
    • Many of the skills that Mozilla has are actually dumbed-down traits it's actual programs have.
  • The reason Mozilla is Linux's best friend is because Ubuntu has Firefox pre-installed on it.
  • Tor is actually a addon to Mozilla Firefox that allows complete anonymity.
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